Build Up Your Library with the Biblical Studies Sale

BiblicalStudiesSale_BlogHeader_620x325Now through February 1, save on over 200 select volumes from three of our most popular collections: The New American Commentary Series, The Library of New Testament Studies, and for the first time, individual volumes from the Anchor Yale Bible.

Included in these volumes are some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—and for a limited time you can add them to your library at a fraction of the cost.

Get New American Commentary volumes for $7.99 each!

The New American Commentary series (NAC) expertly combines theological exegesis with accessible, practical application. The result of more than 40 of the finest minds in evangelical scholarship, this is an expansive yet approachable commentary series; a valuable tool to ministers, students, and anyone passionate about exploring the Word.

Right now, you’ll save at least 59% on individual NAC volumes. Through February 1st, select volumes are just $7.99 each! 

*This offer excludes New American Commentary: 1 Corinthians

Get Library of New Testament Studies volumes for $9.99 each!

Unmatched strength of scholarship, cutting-edge theology, and innovative perspectives—available instantly in the largest digital collection of Bloomsbury New Testament studies. These volumes feature fresh and fascinating perspectives to scholarship alongside timeless approaches. This collection is perfect for students, teachers, and preachers of the New Testament.

Many of these volumes are 80% off or more—and you’re guaranteed to save at least 50%Get select volumes from the Library of New Testament Studies for only $9.99 each—only through February 1st!

Get Anchor Yale Bible volumes for $19.99 each!

Over 30 years in the making, the Anchor Yale Bible has set the standard for exemplary biblical scholarship. Drawing from Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish traditions, this is an exhaustive commentary of each book of the Bible, including the Apocrypha. Each volume is written with the highest standards of scholarship—vital for sermon preparation, research, and advanced study of the Bible.

For the first time ever, get individual volumes of the Anchor Yale Bible on sale, for only $19.99 each!


With over 200 volumes to choose from, some as low as $7.99, why wait? Start building up your library today!

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  1. The New American COmmentary set shows up as 19.99 each… not 7.99

    • The marketing is a little misleading. Resources which have recently dropped out of Pre-Pub (like 1 Corinthians) are not included in the sale.

      • Tyler Smith says

        Hi, Justin.

        You’re right: the NAC commentary on 1 Corinthians is excluded from this sale. That’s why we said “select” volumes. We should have been clearer and mentioned the 1 Corinthians volume explicitly. I’ll add that to the post now. It was an omission and wasn’t meant to be deceptive. Thanks for keeping us honest!

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Shane. The NAC volumes are indeed $7.99 each (with the exception of the volume on 1 Corinthians). I’m not able to reproduce the error you’re seeing. If you send a screen shot of what you’re seeing to, I’ll look into why the error is occurring. We’ll make sure you get the right price for any NAC volume you purchase.