5 January Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

logos bible software sale

January’s monthly deals are here, and you can save on more than 100 products: commentaries, biblical and theological works, preaching resources, and more. Not sure where to get started? Here are five of this month’s best deals.

1. Continental Commentary Series (19 vols.)50% off
The Continental Commentary Series makes leading critical biblical scholarship from German and French scholars available to the English-speaking world. Engage biblical texts with comprehensive introductions, fresh translations, detailed commentaries, and insightful theological analysis.

2. Basic Bible Interpretation31% off
Dr. Roy Zuck gives a clear guide to biblical interpretation, defining key terms, addressing problems and challenges, and stressing the importance of interpretation for teaching and application. Start off the new year by honing your Bible study skills with Dr. Zuck’s guidance.

3. Focus on the Bible Commentaries (41 vols.)44% off
Explore what the Bible means for your life today with accessible chapter-by-chapter commentary written by by top evangelical scholars and pastors. Whether you’re interested in personal study, small group teaching, or preaching, you’ll find clear, helpful insights.

4. The Works of H.A. Ironside (65 vols.)43% off
Build your library with sermons, commentaries, and other writings from one of America’s most influential preachers. Get his writings on nearly every book of the Bible and thoughtful works on eschatology, prophecy, and much more.

5. Harper’s Bible Commentary33% off and Harper’s Bible Dictionary43% off
These companion works are among the top one-volume works on the Bible. With both in your Logos library, you can easily follow cross-references.

And there’s much more on sale! Check out all the deals to find the find perfect resources to start out your New Year with great Bible study.