Why I Love December’s Top Product

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Every month we feature a special discount on one of our top products. December’s top product is one that means a lot to me personally: William Barclay’s The New Daily Study Bible: New Testament.

I first stumbled across a volume of this series, in an older edition, at my local public library. Intrigued, I read it, and I eventually worked my way through every volume of the series. It was my first experience of reading any kind of commentary on the Bible, and although I’ve read many other commentaries since, Barclay’s works are still important to me.

Accesible scholarship

One thing I appreciate about The New Daily Study Bible is that although the focus is mainly pastoral and devotional, Barclay frequently brings in biblical scholarship to help you understand the message: discussing the original language for key terms, explaining historical and cultural background, and analyzing literary techniques. I read the series in print format, but there’s even more value to having it in Logos. If you’re intrigued by Barclay’s discussion of a Greek word or of a historical point, it’s easy to research further.

Practical application and friendly disagreement

Another thing I love about the series is Barclay’s practical focus, his insistence on theology translating into personal action. His wisdom in that area was especially valuable to me at the time I first read the commentaries. I also learned a lot about theological perspectives I hadn’t been exposed to before. And I learned that I didn’t need to agree with everything a writer said in order to find value in it. There’s a lot in Barclay’s theology that I disagreed with at the time, and still do. Even if you have that same reaction, I think you’ll also find a lot of riches in the series, too.

There’s more I could say about this series—Barclay’s distinctive translation of the New Testament, the well-organized short sections, and the insightful introductions to each book—but you’ll discover all those for yourself when you read the series.

And this month is the perfect time to get them, because you’ll save $60 off the regular price. And if you already own individual volumes, you’ll pay only for what’s new to you.

Add The New Daily Study Bible: New Testament to your library today!