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The Works of N.T. Wright

New Testament scholar and prolific author N.T. Wright has had a profound influence on the Church, and his writings have been eagerly read worldwide. The N.T. Wright Collection combines 48 of his most beloved works to offer a collection rich in theological depth, engaging in tone, and compelling in biblical wisdom.
Wright’s spirited words have been read by distinguished biblical scholars and theologians alike, yet they are also very accessible to the layperson. With great verve, he lays out the theology of the New Testament, unpacking the truths found in the Gospels as well as the words of the Apostle Paul. No one who reads these words will be unchanged by the truths contained within them.

You need to know . . .

The N.T. Wright Collection . . .

  • Covers major theological topics like Pauline perspectives, the Resurrection, justification, Scripture, and more
  • Features his complete commentary series on the New Testament
  • Brings theological depth and compelling biblical wisdom to your biblical studies.


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