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“I don’t understand. Why would anybody need another base package? I have nearly twelve-hundred resources in my library including a Logos 6 Gold base package. I don’t need another base package.” I was having dinner with a friend when he—knowing I worked for Faithlife—lobbed this objection my way.

I rose to the challenge. “Are you sure?”

“I’m confident.”

“Ok,” I said, “but humor me—tell me a little bit about how you study the Bible.”

My friend described how he used his favorite Logos features, and what he was currently studying in Scripture. When he mentioned that he spends a lot of time studying the original Greek, I had an idea of the kind of resources he needed (NA28, the UBS 5, the LXX, BDAG, and a few popular critical commentaries, to name a few) and gave him a base package recommendation accordingly.

I pointed my friend to a specific base package based on the kind of study he does and the kind of resources he needs. Once you have access to all of Logos 6 features, your next base package purchase becomes all about getting the right resources for your study.

And that’s where our tradition-specific base packages come in.

Keep building that library

One great way to build out your Logos library is to purchase a base package from another theological tradition. Maybe that seems counter intuitive. Why would you want a base package from a tradition other than their own? There are a couple reasons.

First of all, they’re filled with a wealth of theological and historical resources to help you learn the history of each church movement. But that’s not the primary reason our customers purchase base packages from other traditions.

It all comes down to the resources you need for your Bible study.

And because base packages bundle resources at a big discount, you can often get three or four of your favorite commentary series—plus all the other resources included in a base package—for less than the price of getting them individually.

Here’s a breakdown of some of our customers’ favorite resources in specific base packages.

The unique value of Anglican base packages

Here are just a few resources from Anglican base packages that appeal to customers across the theological spectrum.

  • Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
  • Continental Commentary series
  • Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
  • Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible

Plus, the Anglican base packages truly shine with their coverage of important theologians across church history. From the early church fathers, to eighteenth-century theology, to the writings of N.T. Wright, you’ll get generations of Biblical wisdom at your fingertips.

Explore all Anglican base packages.

The unique value of Baptist base packages

In Baptist base packages you’ll find an emphasis on practical application, Christian living, and pastoral resources. Here are some highlights.

  • UBS Handbook Series
  • IVP New Testament Commentary
  • Randall House Bible Commentary

Plus, dig into the original languages with marquee lexicons like BDAG, Louw Nida, LSJ, HALOT, Theological Lexicon of the New Testament and Old Testament, and of course the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. Baptist base packages also include the works of Charles Spurgeon, and A.T. Pierson, the Journal of Ministry and Theology, and other practical resources for ministry.

Explore all Baptist base packages.

The unique value of Lutheran base packages

Lutheran base package libraries challenge and build your study of the Scripture with resources like:

  • Augsburg Commentary on the New Testament
  • Keil and Delitzsch’s Commentary on the Old Testament
  • Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament

But where the Lutheran base packages break away from the pack is in the vast array of original language-tools and their systematic and historical theologies.

Explore all Lutheran base packages.

The unique value in Orthodox base packages

If you’re looking to study the early church and the development of Christianity, then the Orthodox base packages are a great place to start. Here are some highlights.

  • Over a dozen history resources
  • Hundreds of resources from the Church Fathers and the Patristic Period
  • Classic works by John Chrysostom, Augustine, and others

Plus, the Orthodox base packages contain an incredible amount of Bibles. From English, Greek and Hebrew Bibles, to Syriac and Latin Bibles, these base packages will help you understand the whole of Scripture.

Explore all Orthodox base packages.


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