Mobile Ed’s Year in Review & What’s in Store for 2016

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Mobile Ed has had a very exciting year! We have shipped 46 courses and over 323 hours of content. In 2015, we introduced new partnerships, programs, and courses. Here are a few highlights from 2015 . . . and what lies ahead in the new year.

Summer Session

We offered our first Summer Session. During Summer Session, Mobile Ed students were led through a three-course bundle by Mobile Ed’s contribution editors. Students completed weekly study plans, discussed daily questions on course material, and interacted with the moderators and fellow classmates in Faithlife groups. One Mobile Ed student reflected upon the class and the positive learning experience by stating, “I enjoyed the Mobile Ed courses that I was involved in. The moderators were great. They helped provide good feedback and helped me probe deeper in my response to the questions posed” (Kenneth N.). Stay tuned for information on Summer Session 2016!

Training for Ministry

We launched our new Mobile Ed website featuring thirteen programs of study. The programs feature top theological scholars focusing on different fields of study. Upon completion of a program, students are eligible for a Mobile Ed Program of Study Certificate of Completion in New Testament, Old Testament, Pastoral Care & Counseling, Discipleship & Spiritual Formation, or Preaching studies. Follow Mobile Ed on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our programs of study.

Ashland Theological Seminary

Ashland Theological Seminary and Logos Mobile Ed are training students for ministry together by offering a Graduate Diploma in New Testament. This distance-learning program consists of five master’s-level courses incorporating presentations by Ashland faculty, group discussions, webinars, course readings, and assessments, while also utilizing Mobile Ed courseware and the Logos Bible Software Gold base package. The program allows pastors, leaders, and students the flexibility to pursue theological education wherever they are. More Mobile Ed partnerships will be announced in 2016!

Archaeology in Action

We introduced a new kind of Mobile Ed course. We left our studios to film archaeology courses on location in Israel with Dr. Craig Evans and other distinguished scholars and archaeologists. AR101 Archaeology in Action: Biblical Archaeology in the Field uncovers the world of Jesus and the Apostles through artifacts discovered in Israel, while AR151 Archaeology in Action: Jesus and Archaeology explores the life and times of Jesus through sites throughout Israel’s Galilee region, Dead Sea region, and Jerusalem. Both archaeology courses will ship in 2016!


Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew

The all-new Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6 bundle shipped in November. The courses are fully integrated with Logos Bible Software, allowing students to learn in community, study with transcripts, take notes, delve into additional readings, and test their biblical Hebrew and Greek knowledge.


Start the new year right with an in-depth, affordable, theological education. Learn more about Mobile Ed’s Programs of Study. 


  1. I really wish that a membership option for Mobile Ed would be available for a monthly fee, which would allow you to view the Mobile Ed courses.

  2. SineNomine says

    When do we get Verbum Mobile Ed?

  3. I am currently enjoying my third course from Mobile Ed this year and it has been amazing. Please keep pushing these courses out; I love them.