How Your Logos Library Is Like Facebook

how your logos library is like facebook

Imagine being one of the first people to use Facebook. Without many others to connect with, would the social media company hold any value to you? Probably not.

But add a couple dozen of your close friends to the site, and suddenly you’d probably start to care—at least a little bit. Add another couple dozen coworkers, a few people from your small group, your kids, a hundred or so people from your alma mater, and a few of your favorite companies, and suddenly you’re checking Facebook every day. As more people join Facebook, the site’s value increases, and chances are the value increases exponentially, not linearly, as each additional person joins the site.

Your Logos Library is Like Facebook

The books in your Logos library are interconnected, like friends on Facebook. And the more books you add to your library, the more connections, or links, your library has between books. This causes the value of your books to increase exponentially as you add more. This Christmas season, the most affordable way to add hundreds of books to your library is the 500 Book Mega Pack, 2015 Edition.

Here’s how the Mega Pack will give you better search results and super-charge your library.

The power of more

If you only have your favorite English Bible in Logos, it will hold some value to you because you can read it, highlight it and take notes in it. But add a book that contains the original Greek or Hebrew and your favorite commentary, and the three books can be linked together so that as you scroll through one book, the other two scroll in sync. That same English Bible just became more valuable.

Now imagine you add the powerful datasets that are included with Logos 6. Suddenly, you can right-click any event in your English Bible and view it in its historical context on an interactive timeline. Plus, those events on the timeline aren’t just linked to your favorite Bible, they’re also linked to the other books in your library. The more books you have in your library, the more events you have on your timeline.

And this example just scratches the surface of what Logos can do.

Double click any word in the Bible to view the definition in your favorite dictionary or lexicon; or right–click to see the word’s morphology. In short, with a click, Logos connects everything you read to corresponding dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons, articles, and sermons. Plus, the footnotes and bibliographic references in your library are linked to the books they reference (if you also own the referenced works). Consequently, as your library grows, you’re not just getting more books, you’re also getting more links in the books you already owned.

More Books, Better Search Results

More books in your library doesn’t just mean more links between books, it also means you’ll get more results, and more relevant results, when searching. Think of Google. The more websites that exist for Google to crawl, the better search results Google can provide to answer your query as there will be a larger pool of content from which to pull results. Similarly, adding books to your library improves Logos features like the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, and more.

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Keep in mind, that if you happen to own several of the books in this collection, you’ll get an additional discount so that you’re not paying for the same book twice. Plus, you’ll never lose books you already own, you’ll only add to your existing library.

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