4 Christmas Deals for 100 Bucks

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We’re making your Christmas just a little more merry with some of the best deals we’ve ever dreamed up. We’re discounting dozens of some of our most popular resources; giving away free books and beautiful art; pulling together 12 deals under $5; and offering a limited-time, monster collection of 500 classic resources priced at a buck a book. You can even get your next Logos 6 base package for 15% off—for the last time ever! Some of these resources are 70–94% off!

If you’re watching your book budget this time of year, no worries—we’ve got PLENTY of resources on sale for under $100. Here are four of our best deals that live within the 100-dollar range.

Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament | $104.96 | 25% off

sale on exegetical dictionary logosThe English translation of the three-volume Exegetisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament (EDNT), this monumental work by an ecumenical group of scholars is first of all a complete English dictionary of New Testament Greek. Going beyond that, however, EDNT also serves as a guide to the usage of every New Testament word in its various contexts, and it makes a significant contribution to New Testament exegesis and theology. EDNT’s thorough, lengthy discussions of more significant words and its grouping of words related by root and meaning (with alphabetical cross-references) distinguish it from simpler Greek-English lexicons. Advancing the discussion of the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, EDNT summarizes more recent treatments of numerous questions in New Testament study and takes into consideration newer viewpoints of linguistics.

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Norman L. Geisler Collection | $89.98 | 55% off

GeislerNorman L. Geisler is one of the most theologically and biblically perceptive Christian thinkers of our time. He is recognized as an influential teacher, a discerning apologist, and a prolific author. Thousands have turned to Geisler for spiritual insight, theological acumen, or simply to learn how to understand the Christian faith in the context of skeptical opposition.

The 14-volume Norman L. Geisler Collection combines Geisler’s well-known books into a singular collection. These books capture the recurring themes present in Geisler’s teaching, writing, and ministry—ranging from philosophy and apologetics to theology and biblical studies. The collection includes two volumes in which Geisler thoroughly defends the Resurrection, along with additional volumes on miracles and biblical inspiration. Geisler writes at length on important historical and philosophical movements which have shaped Christian history—for better or worse. He also provides timely cultural commentary on everything from Carl Sagan to Star Wars, plus biographical works on Augustine and Aquinas.

Get it right now for under $90!

Introducing Biblical Interpretation | $94.98 | 50% off

m edThe Bible is a vast, complex book, and while some of its contents can be understood by a child, much of it requires careful thought. How do we interpret the Bible correctly? Why do biblical scholars disagree on interpretation?

In Introducing Biblical Interpretation, Dr. Mike Heiser introduces students to the science and art of Bible interpretation. The Bible is a book written for us but not to us, so accurate interpretation needs to be informed by the ancient worldview of the biblical writers, their historical circumstances, cultural and religious beliefs of their day, literary genre, and the original languages of the Bible. Learn the necessary tools for accurate and meaningful biblical interpretation.

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Douglas Wilson Collection | $99.99 | 47% off

doug wilsonThe 17-volume Douglas Wilson Collection addresses the critical issues at the intersection of faith and culture, with the insight of a scholar and the heart of a pastor. A prolific author, Douglas Wilson writes on a number of subjects, including theology and philosophy, marriage and family issues, and history; he is also known for his pointed satire.

This collection includes seven books on marriage and family issues, in which Wilson ardently defends the institution of Christian marriage. Establishing faithful Christian culture begins in the home—with healthy marriages, strong relationships, and Christian education of children. Wilson is unafraid of theological controversy, and confronts open theism, racism, and philosophical problems, such as sovereignty and foreknowledge. Most importantly, Wilson demonstrates the viability of Christian teaching in an increasingly secular culture. These simple and practical books serve as a fresh antidote for a skeptical culture and a weary church.

Get it now for under $100!


There are plenty more Christmas deals just waiting for you. Explore all deals now!


  1. Er, FIVE deals? I counted 4.
    Under $100? EDNT is listed at $104
    So we've got 3 deals under $100, and 1 close to it.
    Was there a fifth which has evapourated?

    • Tyler Smith says:

      You’re right, Ian. An older version of this post included five resources, and some of that copy got through to the final post. Apologies for the embarrassing error, and thanks for keeping us honest.

      • Ian Carmichael says:

        Now, what about the one that’s MORE than $100?

        • Tyler Smith says:

          We included that resource in this post because it’s “within the 100-dollar range” as it says in the post. :-) I admit it’s subjective and I’ll try to be more exact in future posts. Thanks for reading!