2 Days Left to Save on Mobile Ed Pre-Pubs

Last Chance
The Mobile Ed team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on a number of fantastic courses, just in time for Christmas (we’re also having a Christmas sale). Many of these courses are shipping in two days, which means you can save up to 40% when you pre-order today. Check out the courses below, then scroll down to find our three tips for pre-ordering.

Studies in Biblical Interpretation Bundle (2 days left)

Understanding the Bible’s complex mix of literary genres is challenging—but not impossible. In these courses Craig Keener, Jeannine Brown, John Walton, William Klein, and David deSilva explain key methods of interpretation. These courses cover genres, cultural and literary contexts, the New Testament’s use of the Old, and more.

Paul’s Letters Bundle (2 days left)

In these seven courses, Douglas Moo, Lynn Cohick, Constantine Campbell, and others lead you through the theological themes, historical background, and interpretive possibilities of Paul’s Letters. You’ll get not only an overview of Pauline theology, but also a verse-by-verse discussion of each letter.

PD151 Do This Not That to Transform Your MarriageSteve Arterburn (2 days left)

Steve Arterburn, author of Every Man’s Battle, discusses tools you can begin using right now to strengthen your marriage. You’ll get practical tips on what to do and what not to do. Whether you’re struggling with issues in your marriage or simply looking for ways to improve it, you’ll appreciate these clear steps.

You can also get PD151 as part of the Life with Integrity Bundle, which includes Arterburn’s other course, PD161 Understanding and Living with Sexual Integrity, and Keith Reeves’ PD331 Wealth and Stewardship in the Bible: A Practical Guide. This bundle is also shipping very soon.

Bryan ChapellBryan Chapell Preaching Bundle (1 day left)

Learn expository preaching from the author of the influential book Christ-Centered Preaching. Bryan Chapell explains how to preach the main idea of a passage, connect it to the good news, and craft your sermons in light of humanity’s fallen condition.

3 Tips for Pre-ordering

  1. Once a ship date has been set, you can find the ship date underneath the pre-order button on the product page or in search results.
  2. Use the “Last Chance” sidebar filter when searching on Logos.com to find courses that are shipping soon. Use “Pre-Publication” to see what’s new.
  3. Update your credit/debit card info before the product ships to avoid delays.

Remember, after a Pre-Pub ships, the price goes up. So if you want one of these courses, make sure to place your order today!


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