Top 5 Resources for Christmas Sermon Prep

Top 5 resources for Christmas

Through November 26th, as part of the Prepare Him Room sale we’re offering big discounts on resources to help you prepare your congregation, family, or students for Christmas. From Christmas sermon-prep resources to beautiful Verse Art canvases that make the perfect Christmas gift, we have what you need to get a head start on Christmas prep.

Here are five of the most popular resources customers are using for their Christmas prep.

David Guzik’s Commentaries on the Bible (62 vols.)

David Guizick's commentariesThere are occasions in your sermon or Bible study prep when you need to spend extended time on a key exegetical point, or dive deep into the Greek or Hebrew. But sometimes, you need to cut straight to the heart of a biblical passage and uncover practical insights that will inspire your congregation to action. Imminently practical, David Guzick’s commentary series is perfect for moments like those. Guzik’s clear exposition, engaging voice, and concise, accessible style make his commentaries a great tool for pastors digging for the spiritual heart of a passage. His commentaries on Matthew, Luke, and Isaiah are especially pertinent to your study during the Christmas season.

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Discovering Christ in All Scriptures (15 vols.)

Discovering Christ in All ScriptureNo surprise here: These 15 volumes by Donald Fortner have been a huge hit this Christmas season. Why? They clearly and succinctly demonstrate the Christological emphasis of every book in the Bible. If you’re looking for a way to shake up your Christmas sermons, a great way to do it is by preaching on less obvious passages. What does the book of Ruth have to say about Jesus? Or the Song of Solomon? Or Genesis? Fortner’s series exposes the shadows of Christ cast across the entire canon. There are plenty of resources here to help you declare the gospel (and the Christmas message) this season. Plus, this collection includes commentaries on Matthew and Luke, so you have access to Fortner’s insights on the birth narratives as well.

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McMaster New Testament Studies Collection (9 vols.)

Mcmaster New Testament Studies

Edited by Stanley Porter and Richard Longenecker, this collection of essential New Testament studies includes contributions by Douglas MooN.T. WrightJoel B. Greene, and many more. These books will help you dive deep into key theological ideas you encounter in your study. How did Matthew incorporate Isaiah’s prophecies into his birth narratives? Learn more about it through numerous essays on the New Testament writers’ use of the Old Testament. How were the canticles in Luke’s birth narratives used in later church tradition? Find out in an exhaustive essay by Stephen Farris. These resources contain many more studies relevant to your sermon or Bible study prep this season—or any time of the year.

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J.C. Ryle Collection (18 vols.)

JC Ryle

This collection of some of the celebrated minister’s works includes much more than the three volumes on Matthew and Luke. It also has Ryle’s matter-of-fact analysis of major Christian doctrines, a book on the importance of holiness in the Christian life, collections of hymns, sermons, and more. There’s plenty here for your sermon or Bible study prep, and still more for research and reading throughout the rest of the year. It’s a great deal on one of Logos’ most popular authors, so don’t miss the opportunity to get this collection for 40% off.


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Modern Studies on the Incarnation (26 vols.)

Modern Studies on the Incarnation


Impart to your congregation the theological import of Christ’s advent with help from this comprehensive collection of classic studies. Drawing on foundational works by nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century scholars, this collection includes monographs, essay collections, and sermon collections on the incarnation. Featuring scholarship across the theological spectrum, it represents an affordable way to discover the depth and richness of an important theological concept that is profoundly connected to Christmas.

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