Get up to 90% off a Huge Collection of Theological Resources

Expand your logos library

If you love Bible study, it’s a safe bet: You probably love books, too. And for good reason. The bigger your library of Bible study and theology resources, the better your access to insights from across thousands of years of church history. What’s the simplest, most affordable way to expand your library? A base package. And if you already own a Logos base package? The answer is still another base package. When you get your books in a base package, you can get them for as much as 90% off. Here’s how it works.

The resources you want at the best price

Some of the most sought-after works are included in base packages. If you were to buy the Continental Commentary Series and The Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer individually you would pay $1,129.90. But, when you buy Lutheran Gold, you get both collections plus hundreds of other resources for less than the cost of buying them separately. This is just one example of how base packages provide big savings on your favorite resources.

Receive a special ownership discount

With Dynamic Pricing you receive a discount based on products you already own. Because the libraries in base packages overlap, you won’t pay full price for your next base package. It’s not unusual for customers to get half off their next base package with Dynamic Pricing.

Grab hundreds of resources at once

When you buy a new base package you’re adding hundreds of new resources to your library for a fraction of the cost of buying them separately. For instance, first-time base package purchasers get the resources included in Logos 6 Gold for 90% off—just for getting them in a base package.

Create a comprehensive theological library

Even if you’re solidly within a theological tradition, there’s plenty to learn from diverse points of view. One of the best ways to create a more comprehensive theological library is by purchasing base packages from multiple traditions. Plus, one of your favorite resources may be significantly discounted in another tradition’s base package.

Start saving now.