All Logos 6 Base Packages Are on Sale

All Logos base packages are on sale

Now is the perfect time to pick up a Logos 6 base package—for a limited time, they’re all on sale! And if you already own some of the resources included in your base package purchase, you’ll qualify for a custom Dynamic Price, and that means even more savings.

Whether you already own a Logos 6 base package, are still using Logos 5 or under, or have never given Logos a try, here’s how a new Logos 6 base package can transform your Bible study.

If you already own a Logos 6 base package . . .

Another Logos 6 base package will help you get much more out of your Bible study—and you may qualify for even more savings.

Why have so many Logos 6 customers purchased multiple base packages? 

  • It’s an affordable way to get your favorite resources. Some of the most popular Logos resources are included in base packages. Often times, you can get a brand new package for less than the price of buying those resources individually.
  • Dynamic Pricing works in your favor. Since there is often overlap between base package libraries, your next base package purchase will likely cost much less than your last one.
  • Your library gets an instant boost. Hands down, the most affordable way to get the most resources at the best price is a base package. The libraries in many base packages are discounted 90% or more.
  • It broadens the scope of your library. Because we offer base packages designed for varying theological perspectives, you can instantly broaden the doctrinal spectrum covered by your library with a single base package purchase.

Learn more about purchasing another base package.

If you’ve never used Logos 6 . . . 

A new Logos 6 base package will help you search smarter, study Scripture in context, and uncover profound insights from the original languages in seconds.

Search smarter

In Logos 6, we’ve streamlined searching so you can find the answers you need faster than ever.

  • Everything Search: Sweep through your entire library with a click. Search any verse, topic, person—anything—and Everything Search returns a list of relevant commentaries, maps, media, original-language data, and more.
  • Inline Search: Find terms, phrases, or morph forms within your open resources, and transform your reverse interlinear into a powerful search tool.
  • Media Search: Get all the media you need, all in one place, with a single search.

Learn more about the powerful features in Logos 6.


Study Scripture in context

With a Logos 6 base package, you get tools that will help you better understand biblical context.

  • Factbook: Search any biblical person, place, thing, event, or cultural concept, and Factbook returns clickable links to maps, images, dictionaries, lemmas, library results, and more—all in one place.
  • Cultural Concepts: We’ve tagged over 1,000 cultural concepts like religious activities, food, music, birth and death practices, marriage rituals, and economic structures. In seconds, explore all the cultural concepts expressed in a passage, then connect those concepts to ancient texts.
  • Ancient Literature: Get a clear view of the Bible’s background by exploring ancient texts side by side with Scripture using the tool.

Learn more about the powerful features in Logos 6.


Uncover insights from the original languages

  • Textual Variants: Get textual commentaries, compare primary texts with modern Bible editions, study original manuscripts, and view scanned photos of original Bible texts.
  • Psalms Browser: Reveal the poetic structure of each line in the Psalms. Group the Psalms by genre, book, author, or theme and expose the parallel structure of the Hebrew text.
  • Lexham Theological Wordbook: This groundbreaking resource connects English concepts to their corresponding Greek and Hebrew words.
  • Sense Section: Discover all the alternate meanings of Greek and Hebrew words, as well as where they occur.
  • Lexicon Alignment: Restructure your lexicons into easy-to-read outlines, so you get the information you need fast. Lemma forms will be left justified and the nuances of meanings will be indented, creating a user-friendly version of hard-to-read reference works.

Learn more about the powerful features in Logos 6. 


Throughout the Logos 6 Year End Sales Event, all English base packages are 15% off and Spanish base packages are 10% off. Get your base package now.


  1. Ashley Goosen says:

    Unfortunately Logos 6 has gotten out of my reach. When you stop supporting 5 then I will Uninstaller and continue using Esword.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Ashley, did you know that the Logos 6 core engine is totally free? That way you can continue to receive support and keep all your features and resources from Logos 5. You can download the core engine here.

      There are other options for you, too—rather than buying a brand new Logos 6 base package. The Core Crossgrade gives you some Logos 6 features, the Feature Crossgrade gives you access to ALL Logos 6 features, and the Extended Crossgrade gives you all Logos 6 features and some books as well.

      All of those options are a little more affordable than purchasing a brand new base package. And in the case of the core engine, it’s totally free. I hope that helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  2. I am trying to figure out how this advertisement says that there is a sale on all Logos 6 base products but the products are the exact same price that they were last week and even a month ago???????

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Sorry you’re having trouble! I’ll send you an email and help you get to the bottom of it.