5 Reasons to Get November’s Top Product


Every month we offer a special discount on one of our top products. November’s deal is the College Press NIV Commentary (42 vols.). If you don’t already have this collection, here are five reasons you should add it to your library.

1. The series offers in-depth coverage of the entire Bible, with over 16,000 pages’ worth of content, including introductory volumes on both the Old and New Testaments.

2. It provides serious exegesis for scholars and students, with constant appeals to original-language texts and dialogue with the interpreters of the past.

3. Pastors will find helpful discussion of the texts’ ancient contexts and insightful applications for sermon preparation.

4. The commentaries’ readability and clear explanations make it perfect for laypersons wanting to better understand the Bible.

5. This month only, you can get the College Press NIV Commentary for 44% off the regular price—a savings of over $300! And if you already own some of the volumes, you’ll only pay for what’s new to you.

Don’t miss out on this great deal. Get the College Press NIV Commentary today.