5 November Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

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Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological works, preaching resources, and more. There are nearly 100 great deals this month, but here are five you’ll really want to take advantage of.

1. Day One Christian Biography Collection (23 vols.)—70% off
Explore the lives of great Christians from throughout history. You’ll be inspired and challenged by the stories of missionaries, martyrs, political and social figures, theologians, and pastors who helped shape church history and left enduring legacies.

2. The Five Books of Moses—59% off
Experience the Pentateuch in a new way. Everett Fox translations of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy capture the rhythm, nuances, and stylistic devices that are particular to Hebrew and essential to the Bible’s true message and to the spiritual and aesthetic power of its art.

3. Roy Zuck Vital Issues Series (12 vols.)—50% off
Get insights into apologetics, Christian living, church leadership, contemporary issues, and more. This collection features articles from Bibliotheca Sacra, organized by topic and written by Robert Culver, Michael P. Green, Charles C. Ryrie, Norman L. Geisler, Millard J. Erickson, and many others.

4. The Major Works of Anselm of Canterbury (4 vols.)—50% off
Study timeless theological writings. Anselm of Canterbury is widely considered the founder of scholastic theology, and this collection gives you four of his most important works, including Cur Deus Homo, the first systematic articulation of penal substitution theory.

5. The Works of Zwingli (7 vols.)—54% off
Get to know a key figure in Reformation history. This collection includes English translations of some of Huldrych Zwingli’s most important works, as well as three studies on his life and thought. Understand Zwingli’s important role in the Swiss Reformation.

Plus, there’s much more on sale this month—including more than 30 products at 50% or more off the regular price. Browse the monthly sale to find the perfect deals for you.