3 Reasons a Logos 6 Base Package is Cheaper Than You Think

All Logos 6 base packages are on sale

Logos 6 base packages give you the best of what Logos has to offer: innovative Bible study tools combined with a great library of commentaries, theological works, reference materials, and more. Every Logos base package features thousands of dollars worth of resources—at steep discounts. Base packages are always a great deal, but right now you can get an even better deal than usual. Here’s how the savings start to add up.

1. For a limited time, Logos 6 base packages are up to 15% off. You’ll save a lot of money just by getting a Logos 6 base package today. Consider our most popular base package, Gold. You could save more than $200. That’s a lot of money you could put to use elsewhere (or use it customizing your Logos library with even more books).

2. Logos 6 base packages give you big libraries at huge discounts. Each base package is filled with valuable Bible study books, at up to 90% off their regular prices. Let’s look at Logos 6 Gold again. It features three exceptional collections: the Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC) (15 vols.), The New International Greek Testament Commentary (13 vols.), and The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection (63 vols.). If you bought these collections separately, you would pay $1,374.85. But when you get Logos 6 Gold (which includes these resources) for 15% off, you would pay only $1,317.46 (or less). For less than the price of these three collections separately, you’ll get not only all three collections, but also the rest of Gold’s library and all of the Logos 6 features.

3. You’ll get custom discounts based on what you already own. All base packages feature Dynamic Pricing, meaning you won’t pay for resources already in your Logos library. For example, say you already own some volumes of the Pillar New Testament Commentary. Your price on any base package containing those volumes will be lower. Depending on your current base package level or what books you own, your price could drop significantly. If you own Logos 5 Gold, you can upgrade to Logos 6 Gold for just over $500 (or even less).

When you consider all of these savings together, your Logos 6 price could be a lot lower than you think. See your price on Logos 6.

Don’t miss your chance to get the best price on a Logos 6 base package.