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To celebrate the 498th anniversary of the Reformation we’re offering hand crafted Lutheran and Reformed bundles packed with core primary theological texts, confessional documents, and contemporary scholarship for $498.00 each—more than 50% off the regular price. But hurry—these deals only last one week.

When Luther posted his 95 Theses to Wittenburg’s church door, his act transformed Europe and led to the rise of confessional Lutheranism as well as the Reformed tradition. Since the sixteenth century Protestants have produced an enormous amount of theological literature—one of the largest bodies of literary work ever produced—revolutionizing the way we think about God, our world, and the cultures we live in.

The Lutheran Bundle contains 45 volumes, focusing on three primary areas of study: the confessional documents of the Lutheran Church, Martin Luther’s theology, and the history of the Lutheran movement. Highlights include, The Book of Concord, Paul Althaus’ classic Martin Luther’s Theology, Reading the Bible with Martin Luther, The Lutheran Commentary, A Reformation Reader, and the scholarly biography Dietrich Bonhoeffer: 1906–1945. Mixing both contemporary scholarship and classic perspectives, the Lutheran Reformation Day Bundle provides comprehensive coverage of the Lutheran confessional tradition, Lutheran theology, and Lutheranism’s riveting history.

ReformedReformationDayBundle_35volsThe Reformed bundle, 34 volumes, features Richard Muller’s classic four-volume exposition on post-Reformation Reformed theology, as well as Henry Bavinck’s massive Reformed Dogmatics.
Other works cover the thought of influential key Reformed figures, including George Swinnock, John Howe, and Abraham Kuyper.

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What’s more, we’ve also split the massive 26-volume Works of Jonathan Edwards into smaller, affordable collections sorted by topic. During the Reformation Day Sale only, you can save 15% on Edwards’ Sermons and Discourses (6 vols.), The Blank Bible, Part 1 & 2, and Notes and Catalogues (5 vols.). After the sale is over these smaller collections will disappear along with the rest of the bundles and their discounts.

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