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Discourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical Greek

Discourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical Greek

With contributions from renowned scholars Móises Silva, Andreas Köstenberger; co-editors D.A. Carson and Stanley Porter; and more, this essay collection includes studies on identifying the theme in the New Testament; recognizing prominence in the text; interpreting the language of Paul; syntactical background studies; diachronic analysis; and other key issues in the study of biblical Greek.


The World’s Great Sermons

The World's Great Sermons
Spanning 10 volumes, this collection of some of the most important sermons ever preached includes entries from Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, Martin Luther, D.L. Moody, Alexander Campbell, and other influential leaders from church history.

A Compendium of Christian Theology

A Compendium of Christian Theology

John Frederick Osterwald is one of the most influential figures in the history of Swiss-Reformed theology, and his cornerstone work, A Compendium of Christian Theology, delivers the same piercing theological insight and practical Christian application it did when first published 230 years ago.

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