Last Chance to Save on Pastor Appreciation Month Deals

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Pastor Appreciation Month ends Monday!

This weekend is your last chance to save on great Pastor Appreciation Month deals. This sale ends Monday, 11:59PM (PT). This weekend, we’ve got all 27 featured products unlocked and on sale, including your favorite resources. Plus, we’ve saved our highest-discounted product for last!

PAM best seller: Morris Proctor’s Training Manuals

52479Morris Proctor’s Logos 6 training manuals—now available digitally—get you up and running with Logos 6. Volumes one and two comprise 572 pages and together represent the ultimate reference material for your Logos studies, each complete with an in-depth table of contents and a helpful index. Learn shortcuts and utilize time-saving features you never knew about. Morris Proctor has helped thousands of users take advantage of Logos’ powerful tools.

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Save over 54% on The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter (23 vols.)

4218The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter contains the treatises, sermons, and works of one of Puritan England’s most prolific writers and most influential preachers. Richard Baxter preached theological unity during a century of schism, and advocated mutual respect within the church during a period of intense religious warfare. He wrote with the conviction that theology should always be connected with both Christian ethics and human experience. This makes Baxter well-equipped to offer sage advice on practical Christian matters, such as worship, devotions, parenting, education, and relationships.

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Whether you minister as a vocation, or just in your day-to-day life, we all need help. Get the resources you need to meet challenges head on with our Pastor Appreciation Month deals. See all deals.