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Want to explore complex issues of biblical and theological interpretation? Reading Scripture with the Church, which features four scholars discussing and debating theories of theological interpretation of the Bible, is only $5 this month—that’s 75% off the regular price!

If you’re looking to build your theological library, you can get 58% off the Contemporary Theology Collection, which examines issues of systematic theology, the Trinitarian nature of atonement, forgiveness, and more. Or get 50% off the Crossway Theology Collection, featuring contributions from Wayne Grudem, John Piper, and others.

You can also save on top scholarly resources like the Stanley E. Porter Language and Interpretation Collection, featuring a wide range of Porter’s works (and including contributions by D.A. Carson, E.A. Nida, Craig A. Evans, and others) for 50% off. The Old Testament Cultural Practices Collection gives you fascinating studies on ancient Israel, for 61% off. And the Flavius Josephus Collection, offering both studies of his life and translations of key works, is 51%.

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