Chart the History of Western Thought Through Its Greatest Works

Great books of the western worldThe Great Books of the Western World
gives you instant access to the major ideas, stories, and discoveries that shaped Western culture. The 60 volumes contain 517 works written by 130 authors: Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Pascal, Kant, Kierkegaard, Melville, Shakespeare, Dickens, Marx, Freud, and so many others. Pre-order now to get $50 off the collection’s normal Pre-Pub price.

The works in Great Books of the Western World reach from the ancient world to the twentieth century, presenting a panoramic view of how philosophy, science, religion, and literature have changed the way people think and led to today’s world. If you want to understand and engage with culture, these are the ideas you need to understand. You’ll see how great Christian thinkers have changed the world—and you’ll engage with the ideas that have challenged Christianity.

If you already have volumes of the classics and humanities in your library, you might wonder why you need this collection. The first reason is the Great Books’ breadth and depth, covering not just philosophy and literature, but science and mathematics (from Euclid to Newton to Darwin to Einstein), social thought (Adam Smith and Karl Marx, among others), and more. This collection includes books never before available in Logos format. It also features some of the best editions and translations, such as Richmond Lattimore’s acclaimed translations of the the Iliad and the Odyssey.

But perhaps the best reason to get this collection is the two-volume Syntopicon. This monumental reference work, a product of 10 years, offers a guide to 102 major ideas that have defined Western thought. You’ll find entries for ideas like Angel, God, Fate, Evolution, Immortality, Knowledge, and Love. Each entry includes an insightful introduction to how the topic has been discussed in Western thought, followed by an extensive list of key subtopics. For each subtopic, you’ll get a list of references to the concept in various works. And with one click, you can jump to a reference. Trace how various writers have dealt with an idea across the centuries. The value the Syntopicon adds to these books is worth the price by itself.

The Great Books of the Western World is out of print, and buying the complete set in hard copy would cost hundreds of dollars. This edition has the invaluable links in the Syntopicon (plus additional functionality), and you can get it for a fraction of the price. Pre-order today for only $99.99. But hurry—the Pre-Pub price goes up on October 22.