5 October Deals You Don’t Want to Miss


October is almost over, and that means great deals on more than 100 products are about to end. If you haven’t taken advantage of October’s monthly sale yet, here are five deals you really don’t want to miss.

1. Barnes’ Notes on the Old and New Testaments (26 vols.)33% off
This timeless commentary by Albert Barnes and James Murphy gives you verse-by-verse commentary on the entire Bible. Originally designed for Sunday school teachers, it provides informative observations on the text rather than overly technical discussion—perfect for sermon preparation or personal study. Get it for $40 off the regular price.

2. Old Testament Cultural Practices Collection (14 vols.)61% off
Enhance your study of the Old Testament with fascinating perspectives on ancient Israel’s culture. These volumes cover a wide range of topics: burial practices and conceptions of death, race and ethnicity, corporate responsibility, understanding of sleep in the Old Testament, and much more. It’s normally $229.95, but for a few more days you can get it for just $89.95.

3. Stanley E. Porter Language and Interpretation Collection (24 vols.)50% off
Stanley E. Porter has been influencing New Testament studies for decades, and this collection gives you a wealth of his insights into such topics as discourse analysis, Greek idioms and rhetoric, the historical Jesus, translation and interpretation, and the Synoptic Gospels. You’ll get six volumes from the Sheffield Reader Collection, as well as collaborations with D.A. Carson, E.A. Nida, Craig A. Evans, and others—plus much more. Don’t miss this chance to get the collection for half the regular price.

4. Crossway Theology Collection (7 vols.)50% off
Delve deep into some of the most important theological issues with such notable scholars as Wayne Grudem, John Piper, John Feinberg, and Bruce Demarest. These volumes cover the doctrine of salvation, the hermeneutical issue of continuity and discontinuity, the challenge of open theism, and more. Get it for $65 off the regular price.

5. Biblical Languages: Reference Grammars and Introductions (19 vols.)46%
This collection offers 10 Greek grammars, lexicons, and reference works, as well as works on Hebrew, Latin, and Syriac. Build your library with widely cited works like Abbot’s Johannine Grammar and Johannine Vocabulary, Westcott and Hort’s Introduction to the New Testament, and more. Save more than $150 off the regular price, but only for a few more days.

All five of these deals are significant discounts, and there’s even more to explore in October’s monthly sale. But don’t wait—these deals end soon!