3 Affordable Ways to Build a Powerful Wesleyan Library

Wesleyan and Methodists books and commentaries

We’re committed to providing top-notch biblical study materials across the broad spectrum of Christian denominations—and that includes the gamut of Wesley’s followers. So whether you’re Wesleyan, Holiness, Nazarene, United Methodist, Independent Methodist, Salvation Army, or any other variation, we’ve got a growing library of resources that will meet your needs.

Here are some great ways to bulk up your library of Methodist-Wesleyan resources.

Check out Methodist Pre-Pubs

Pre-Pub is the best way to get the latest Logos resources at the most affordable price—and there are plenty of Methodist Pre-Pubs to go around!  When enough customers have pre-ordered a product to fund production, we begin the process of creating it—and we won’t charge you until it ships.

Our Wipf & Stock Joel B. Green Collection offers two of this New Testament scholar’s works for the price of one. Interested in apologetics? The Select Works of Thomas Jay Oord brings together two of the respected apologist’s writings on creation. Looking for a solid Nazarene commentary? You can get 22% off commentaries on 1 & 2 Chronicles and Hosea–Micah in the New Beacon Bible Commentary series!

Leverage the power of Community Pricing

With Community Pricing you tell us what you’re willing to pay for a resource. When enough customers pre-order at your bid or higher, we’ll lock in your order at the lowest price. If you want to dig into some of the most important, historical Methodist and Wesleyan works, you can’t go wrong with Community Pricing. 

Bidding just opened on Ralston’s classic work, The Elements of Divinity; bids for full-Bible commentaries by Thomas Coke, Joseph Benson, and D.D. Whedon are open, too; and don’t miss our collections from Phoebe Palmer, Samuel Chadwick, Samuel Logan Brengle, and William and Catherine Booth!

Keep your eyes on the sales

Our monthly sales often feature Methodist and Wesleyan resources, and Pastor Appreciation Month features some great deals, too! This month, you can get the Life and Works of Arminius (4 vols.) for $41.99, The Works of Adam Clarke (24 vols.) for $179.99, and the Wesleyan Bible Commentary: Ephesians for $7.99, and start piecing together your own Methodist-Wesleyan library as you see your favorite resources going on sale.


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