Zondervan/Thomas Nelson Sale Is Here!

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It’s here! Dynamic Pricing and discounts are now available on all Zondervan and Thomas Nelson collections. Now is the perfect time to complete collections like Word Biblical Commentary, the John MacArthur Treasury, and the Zondervan Counterpoints Series. See your custom price now!

Here are the top 7 Reasons to get Zondervan’s Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) during this unprecedented event.

1) It’s one of most sought after commentary series

WBC delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from some of the leading scholars of our day. Its volumes have received an average of four and a half stars on Amazon.com, are considered some of the top commentaries for students, teachers, and pastors, and are consistently some of the most popular resources sold on Logos.com. In 2015 so far, WBC has been added to more wishlists on Logos.com than any other product. WBC has a great deal of information for the serious scholar of the Old and New Testament, but also contains plenty of material that is useful for the general reader. The series emphasizes a thorough analysis of the text, language, structure, and theological evidence. The result is careful and balanced insight into the meanings of the text in the framework of biblical theology.

2) Dynamic Pricing could save you a ton

With Dynamic Pricing, you only pay for resources that are new to you. That means if you own 10 volumes of the 62 in the collection, you’ll get a custom discount based on the resources in your library. Usually, Dynamic Pricing isn’t available for these resources. But for one month only, Dynamic Pricing is available on all Zondervan and Thomas Nelson products—including the highly sought-afterWord Biblical Commentary. There’s never been a better time to complete your collection.

3) The Logos edition is crazy powerful

Every volume in WBC is searchable in Logos quickly and easily. If you have your commentary and Bible open you can link the two and your commentary scrolls with you as you read the Bible. You can share quotes and ideas straight from your commentary in just one click with the Visual Copy feature. As you’re reading along in your commentary and come across a biblical reference you can just hover over the reference and read it without having to leave where you are in your commentary or Bible. And because your books sync across devices such as tablets, phones, and laptops you can take this 62-volume set with you everywhere you go.

See more about the power of the Logos edition of WBC in this video.

4) It covers nearly every book of the Bible.

Not only is the WBC a series of great depth and precision, it covers every single book of the Bible. Having commentaries on every book of the Bible can be a huge help—especially if you have dozens of commentaries on Romans, and a paltry few on often overlooked books like Leviticus, Jude, or the Minor Prophets. WBC includes commentaries on every book of the Bible except for Acts and 1 Corinthians.

5) It has more than 50 contributors and 28,000 pages

There are many authors who contributed to this commentary, favorite scholars like Craig A. Evans,James Dunn, Bill Mounce, Gordan Wendam, and Peter T. Obrien among them. The works of these influential scholars spans 28,000 pages across 62 volumes.

6) Get 10% back in Logos Credit

When you buy Word Biblical Commentary through the month of September, you will receive 10% of your sale price back in Logos credit. This offer ends on September 30 and all Logos Credit will be issued on October 7.

7) This price is limited time

Starting October 1 the price on the Word Biblical Commentary will be going from $699.99 to $1200 across most sites. This is the absolute best time to buy! Don’t miss your chance to get the WBC for this low price!

Pick up the Word Biblical Commentary today!


  1. Every book, except Acts & 1 Corinthians

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, LaRosa.

      You’re right, the WBC includes a commentary on every book of the Bible except for Acts and 1 Corinthians. Sorry for this oversight! Thanks for keeping us honest!

      We updated the blog post.

      Thanks again!


  2. Individual volumes are only $10. This is great if you don't want to buy the whole set… I purchased 14 of the most highly recommended ones.

  3. Any idea when will Acts and 1 Corinthians be coming out?