What’s New in Logos Now 6.6

What’s new in Logos Now
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Here’s what’s new in Logos Now 6.6.

Septuagint Manuscript Explorer

Information about Septuagint manuscripts can be frustratingly difficult to find. But with the Septuagint Manuscript Explorer, we’ve gathered together information about existing Septuagint manuscripts, including their contents, date, language, holding institute, and more. With this interactive, you can discover the earliest Septuagint manuscript evidence for the Minor Prophets, view Codex Sinaiticus online, or see how many manuscripts contain the book of Psalms.

LXX MSS Explorer

Multiview Resources

Add multiple translations of the Bible or even commentaries in the same panel with the Multiview Resources tool. The resources you bring together will share the same location, visual filters, and search results. Study original-language texts side by side with English translations. Search for a specific word and both texts will filter down to your search results. This tool treats multiple resources as one—and the applications to your study are endless.

Multiview Resources

Corresponding Words Visual Filter

The new Corresponding Words Visual Filter instantly identifies everywhere repetition occurs within any of your resources. Find all the places “love,” “loves,” and “loved” appears within a commentary or the biblical text simply by hovering over the word you want to investigate. Or find all the places a specific lemma, root, or sense occurs within a biblical text. You can even see how the author of Jonah uses the phrase “go down” to highlight both Jonah’s physical and spiritual descent from the presence of the Lord. By identifying repetition, the Corresponding Words Visual Filter helps you draw out key themes and ideas in a passage.

Corresponding Words VF

Courses Tool

With the new courses tool, we’ve gathered all your Mobile Ed courses in one place. Select from any of your pre-organized courses and watch the lecture as you scroll through the course transcription. You can even take notes on the lectures without ever leaving the tool. When you complete a segment, the tool automatically moves to the new lecture so you can continue your learning experience.

Courses Tool

Old Testament Propositional Outlines update

We’ve added Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Isaiah to the Old Testament Propositional Outlines.


Logos Now members are already enjoying powerful features such as the Commandments of the Law interactive, the Media Browser, and the Systematic Theologies Section. It’s easy to become a member—you can even get your first month free. Learn more more about Logos Now and step into the future of Bible study.


  1. My first initial reaction to Logos Now was, "Oh no. More money!" But now that I've ACTUALLY used Logos Now I think it's super awesome. I'm especially LOVINVG the new Multiview Resources feature. It's awesome and really comes in handy. W00t W00t!!! :D

  2. Before any new book announcements, first please add auto scrolling to window functions. Nearly all other bible apps have it, and as much as I appreciate Logos, I find myself closing it and opening other apps more often for that feature alone. Give auto scrolling and I won't need another app. (except of course when I need to read Japanese bible).