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zondervan/Thomas Nelson product guideFor a limited time, you can combine Dynamic Pricing with sale prices on all collections from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson! That includes some of the most important theological and biblical works out there—like Word Biblical Commentary, volumes by John MacArthur, and new classics like Bill Mounce’s three-volume Basics of Biblical Greek! With so many great choices, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together the Zondervan/Thomas Nelson Product Guide—your handbook for choosing essential Zondervan and Thomas Nelson resources. Here’s today’s featured resource.

Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

To truly grasp the meaning of New Testament authors, you need at least some understanding of the original Greek. This celebrated Zondervan resource is the perfect combination of astute theological insight, clear application, and—above all—scholarly, exegetical detail based on the Greek. Each volume includes an exegetical outline and verse-by-verse commentary, offering a thorough examination of the text and themes of Scripture.

Many commentaries get bogged down in the minutiae of biblical, scholarly debate—not ZECNT. It maintains a laser-beam focus on what is most essential to the biblical text, presenting exegesis that is both in-depth and free of cumbersome, technical arguments. And just because it focuses on the original Greek doesn’t mean that this commentary ignores the historical and cultural context of Scripture. On the contrary, ZECNT pays keen attention to how the historical setting and rhetorical devices in the text should influence both interpretation and application. Ideal for pastors and other ministry leaders, this commentary set is also a great choice for anyone seeking insight from the New Testament based on a close reading of the Greek—even if they don’t read Greek for themselves.

You need to know:

ZECNTHere’s what you must know about ZECNT.

  • Based on a close reading of the original Greek
  • Combines exegesis with theological application
  • Avoids cumbersome technical arguments
  • Ideal for pastors, ministry leaders, and anyone interested in in-depth Bible study



With Dynamic Pricing, you may pay even less than the sale price! If you already own some of the resources in this collection, you’ll only pay for the volumes that are new to you. Hurry—this sale only lasts through the month of September. If you’re interested in ZECNT, see your custom price now, or see all deals!




  1. 5% Discount? I'll pass. It's a sad state imo when Zondervan finally anounces a sale and it's a whopping 5% discount. I encourage all others out there to refuse these "discounts" until they offer decent savings comparable to other publishers. No Zondervan for me, the allowence I set aside for buying resources devoted to the Word of God will go to publishers more deserving.

  2. The WBC individual volumes are $10 each. That is the only "sale" part of the whole sale.

    All the pomp and curcumstance leading up to a 5% off sale and "dynamic price for 30 days only" is a bit of a joke and an insult to us.

    Zondervan, I'll buy your products when they are actually on sale.