Save 50% on Moo, Bock, and Witherington

Save 50% on Moo, Bock, and Witherington
This is your chance to save 15% on every individual course and collection in our Mobile Ed catalogue—and 50% off the Mobile Ed: Essentials Bundle. If you’ve ever wanted to take a seminary-level course on Apologetics, Biblical Interpretation, Church History, Communication, Counseling, Cultural Studies, Education, Language, Leadership Development, Missions, New Testament, Old Testament, Pastoral Care, Personal & Professional Development, or Theology, now is the time!

Mobile Ed: Essentials Bundle

Sit under the teaching of three giants of New Testament scholarship. For the first time ever, get three of our most popular Mobile Ed courses bundled together at 50% off. Dr. Darrel Bock teaches you how to read and understand Scripture; Dr. Ben Witherington enriches your study of Johannine literature; and Dr. Douglas Moo—author of one of the most acclaimed Romans commentaries ever written—guides you through the book of Romans. And, if you own one or two of these courses, you’ll get a custom discount with Dynamic Pricing—only pay for the courses that are new to you!  

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We now have over 70 Mobile Ed courses taught by today’s top Christian scholars available. From September 15 to October 16, every single one is on sale. You can get 15% off any of our courses or bundles. If you haven’t tried Mobile Ed yet, this is the perfect opportunity.

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What’s Mobile Ed?

Video Lectures: Mobile Ed courses are organized into short 5–10 minute segments. That makes it easy to incorporate this premier theological teaching into your life. The videos work in Logos 6, on our apps, and on so you can learn anywhere. Plus you can revisit any segment as often as you like.

Integrated into Logos 6: All Mobile Ed courses include a full transcript. And because the transcripts fully integrate with Logos, you can search them for that key idea from a lecture you listened to weeks ago—no more fumbling through notes on a fruitless search for an obscure biblical reference. Additionally, we enhance the transcript with learning objectives highlighting key ideas in each segment, reading links that take you to relevant resources in your Logos library, and quizzes to assess your learning.

Logos Tutorials: We include a number of screencast tutorials videos showing you how to use Logos to research topics related to the course. These screencast videos start from the speaker’s content and show you practical ways to use the features of Logos Bible Software to do your own research.

Learn in Community: Finally, every Mobile Ed course has its own dedicated Faithlife group. Join the group and discuss the content with others who have taken the course.

Mobile Ed courses let you learn at your own pace. You can quickly watch through the videos or slow down and go deeper by following the reading links for each segment. You can evaluate your learning with multiple-choice quizzes and do your own research by following the screencast tutorials. And the courses remain in your Logos library for you to reference whenever you study the topics again. No matter how you choose to use them, Mobile Ed courses make today’s top Christian scholars available at your fingertips.


Save 50% on the Essentials Bundle and 15% on every Mobile Ed course now!