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round out your libraryFor just 3 more days you can get 60% off when you pick up select new collections to round out your library. If your commentary section is looking good, but your apologetics collection could use some love; or if you’ve got a solid lineup of systematic theologies, but precious few biblical theologies, now’s the perfect time to fill in those gaps. Biblical theology, apologetics, ministry, preaching, church history—we’ve got you covered. Browse these new collections and save while you still can!

Cultivate essential preaching skills

John Calvin and Martin Luther SermonsSure: no boots-on-the-ground methodology or tools of the trade could ever replace reliance on God to transform lives. But there are certain skills every preacher should cultivate. The Preaching Collection (31 vols.) is specially designed to help you hone your skills behind the pulpit.

Improve your delivery with resources like Transformational Preaching and How Sermons Work; learn from respected preachers like R.C. Sproul and John Piper in Well-Driven Nails; and sit at the feet of the masters with the John Calvin and Martin Luther Sermon Collection. And there’s plenty of other sermons included as well—from the likes of Charles Spurgeon, Augustine, John Wesley, Alexander Campbell, and D.L. Moody, no less!

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Explore key themes in biblical theology

biblical theologyBiblical theology isn’t just systematic theology’s neglected younger brother; it’s a sophisticated theological discipline revealing the overarching redemptive-historical narrative of Scripture while diving deep into key themes and authors across the canon. For the new Biblical Theology Collection, we assembled a lineup of 21 volumes from a broad range of scholars exploring key themes like the doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts, the nation of Israel and the mission of the church, and the concept of “messiah”not to mention the entire scope of redemptive history.

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Defend your faith

40515Far and away the bestselling resource out of all these collections, the Apologetics Collection is the perfect addition to your library. It spans the full spectrum of apologetic study and features resources from scholars such as Norman Geisler, Alister McGrath, Jerry Bridges, and Peter Kreeft. Dig into everything from the historical Jesus, to the resurrection, the “New Atheism,” the problem of pain, and even ethical issues like abortion.

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Investigate church historyWordsworth's church history

Featuring a great mix of church history and historical theology, the Church History Collection draws together 22 volumes from scholars like Louis Berkhof, Christopher Wordsworth, and even the Bishop of Caesarea himself, Eusebius. It includes surveys of church history, in-depth studies of movements like the holiness-Pentecostal tradition, overviews of the development of key doctrines, and even the monumental, 4-volume The History of Biblical Interpretation. This collection is perfect for anyone who’s built a solid library of biblical and theological resources but is looking for a bit more historical perspective.

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Equip yourself for ministry

john piperThe Ministry Collection presents a simple and affordable way to build out your selection of ministry resources. Featuring powerful works like John Piper’s Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, Andy Stanley’s Seven Practices of Effective Ministry and The Navigators’ 6-volume Discipleship Collection, the new Ministry Collection represents an investment not just in your library but in the people you’re called to serve.

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