Instantly Create a Spreadsheet of Your Logos Library

create a spreadsheet of your library

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

A Logos user recently emailed this question to me:

I recently upgraded to Collector’s Edition, and am nearly finished tagging my library with My Tags. A friend of mine also upgraded recently and wanted to know if there were a way I could export my library titles, with a mapping to their respective tags I assigned so he can save himself the work.

The answer is yes: by exporting the Library to a spreadsheet. I also think you’ll be happy to hear the process is actually very simple. If you don’t currently have Logos 6, download the free core engine, then  try this out. You also might consider a full upgrade to Logos 6.

  • Drag the Library icon onto the Logos desktop so that the Library opens in its own panel (A)

Create a Spreadsheet of Your Library (1)

  • Choose the menu in the upper left of the Library’s panel (B)
  • Select Print/Export (C)

Create a spreadsheet of your library (2)

  • Select the Excel link (or other application) under the section “Send to a new document”(D)

Create a spreadsheet of your library *3)

  • Notice a new spreadsheet opens with all of the metadata about your resources including a column entitled My Tags (E)

Create a spreadsheet of your library

  • Save the file
  • Share the file with a friend if desired

In the spreadsheet, please notice Logos presents all of the information about your resources regardless of the current view in your Library.


For more information about the Library and lots of other Logos Features, check out the Morris Proctor’s Camp Logos 2 video training


  1. This is a very helpful tip. Thanks so much for posting this!

  2. Very nice! This is also a good feature if the IRS asks how many books you are writing off for tax purposes. I stumbled upon this feature a few years ago during a preliminary audit, and it helped keep the audit questions at the preliminary level, if you know what I mean! Thanks, Logos, for a great little feature.

  3. William Grove says

    I anxiously tried this but after pulling the Library icon to the desktop and clicking on the enum for the dropdown menu, I had only the last four rows available starting with “Show reading view” and proceeding down. No print command populates Is this because I have Logos 5? I have a screen shot I can send if needed?

    Thanks for your review?

    • Hi, William,
      Yes, this is a new function in Logos 6. Library print/export is available in the free Logos 6 Core Engine (, or the full range of Logos 6 features, consider an upgrade (

    • Dennis Wadsworth says

      Same question. Hope we get a reply to know where to go from here.

      • Hi, Dennis.

        See Adam’s reply above. You can download the Logos 6 Core Engine ( and then should be able to do this.

        Let me know if you have any more questions.


    • I have the same problem, only the last 4 options of the menu shown above. No Print/Export. Running version 5.2b SR-11 (

      • I followed Adam’s response above and loaded the Free Logos 6 Core and this process now works.

        Thanks for the help.

  4. My application doesn’t get the same results. Under Export, I only have the Save option, I don’t have the Send or Paste options. I don’t have Excel, but I’ve tried several other programs using the Save option with no results.

    Do I have to have Excel?


  5. I am using Logos 5. My Library menu does not have the option of Print/Export. Any advice?

    • See my reply to William above.

      • Larry Proffitt says

        To open with EXCELL Word Or/and ETC. Click TOOLS/ Click Collections/ Click New/ {Name the File} / Click start with/ {type in}/ T:=> /ENTER/ {then Click Top Left Corner Of Page/ Click Print Export /////Study Print & Save options |||| Prefer EXCELL Allow time to down load. Then Do Your Thing

        • Thank you, Larry Proffitt! I tried and tried to get this to work, but couldn’t until I tried your instructions. You rock, sir! Much obliged!

          God bless you.

          Lee :)

          • I should add that I am using a MacBook Air, running OS X Yosemite, and Verbum 6.6 SR-1. I don’t have MS Office, so I saved the file as CSV. and was able to open it in Numbers, OpenOffice, and DEVONthink Pro Office.

            Thanks again, Mr. Proffitt, and you, too, Mr. Proctor, for your helpful tips. :)

            Lee :)

  6. robert wilkes says

    I have LOGOS 6 and I have gone through these steps, but it is not exporting to excel. Suggestions?

  7. What about Mac people, with number only option is excel, this is absolutely useless to me.

  8. Kevin McKanna says

    There will be a video on the FaceBook Group “Digital Biblical” on how to perform this task on a Mac OS within a week