Eight of September’s Best Deals


Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological works, preaching resources, and more. There are more than 100 deals to choose from—and here are eight of the best:

1. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) (10 vols.)—15% off
Considered by many scholars to be the best New Testament dictionary ever compiled, this massive reference work treats more than 2,300 theologically significant New Testament words. It’s an essential work for Greek New Testament studies.

2. Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament (12 vols.)—24% off
The Paideia commentaries analyze narratival and rhetorical strategies and focus on cultural, literary, and theological settings. You’ll better grasp both the historical context and the theological message of each book.

3. The Faith Once for All: Bible Doctrine for Today—22% off
Jack Cottrell clearly and thoroughly examines the Bible’s teaching concerning every major subject of theology, with extensive discussion of predestination, heaven and hell, the end times, and more.

4. Theological Lexicon of the New Testament (3 vols.)—39% off
This acclaimed lexicon focuses not on morphology, orthography, or syntax, but instead on the religious meaning of the NT’s language—using a wide variety of ancient resources to shed light on words’ meanings.

5. H.A. Ironside’s Commentaries on the Bible (32 vols.)—53% off
Get Ironside’s insightful exposition of 48 books of the Bible, featuring accessible analysis rich with anecdotes and illustrations and perfect for devotional reading.

6. International Critical Commentary New Testament (ICC) (33 vols.)—25% off
Enrich your New Testament studies with the ICC’s extensive coverage of linguistic, textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological scholarship.

7. A. Torrey Collection (15 vols.)—42% off
This collection gives you 15 enduring works by this beloved evangelist and scholar, exploring Jesus’ life and teaching, prayer, the Holy Spirit, Bible study techniques, and more.

8. The Tyndale Bible Dictionary—26% off
This comprehensive dictionary, edited by Walter A. Elwell and Philip W. Comfort, features more 1,000 articles on biblical books, people, concepts, places, and more.

And that’s just the beginning! Check out all the products on sale this September.