3-Day Sale—Get 50% off 39 Commentary Sets

3 day sale
You have three days to get 50% off Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching, as well as the Classic Commentaries and Studies collections! These commentaries will improve the power
of your Passage Guide by giving you access to multiple commentaries on different books of the Bible, allowing you to view varying thoughts on a specific passage quickly and easily. Check out the commentaries now!

Don’t wait—you have until Monday at 5:00 p.m. (PT) to take advantage of this offer!
Here are three of the most popular sets on sale:

Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching

This set offers a full interpretation of the biblical text, combining historical scholarship and theological purpose. It brings an understanding of what the text says into dialogue with the critical questions and problems of contemporary life and faith.

Classic Commentaries and Studies on Romans

This engaging collection spans 32 volumes exploring Paul’s most doctrinally rich epistle—Romans. Featuring the work of 28 theologians and biblical scholars, it includes some of the most cited classic commentaries in contemporary literature on Romans.

Classic Commentaries and Studies on Revelation

The book of Revelation is arguably the most mysterious and controversial book of the Bible. Covering a wide range of topics and viewpoints from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, Classic Commentaries and Studies on Revelation clears the confusion associated with this book and interprets it in context. The commentaries provide invaluable insight and clarification from many different stances, presenting a diverse overview and exposition of the book of Revelation.

Get the tools you need for a thorough study on almost every book of the Bible. Don’t miss the opportunity to save on these resources today.

The sale ends September 21 at 5:00 p.m. (PT)—shop the three day sale right now!


  1. I think it's pretty unfair that the Cambridge Greek Testament (CGT) is not being offered in this sale, either the set or individual volumes – I'd prefer the latter. My suggestion is that some individual volumes from it would come on a sale (again), it's been a while ½ a year, a year or two years or more since there were individual volumes on the Logos Twitter Daily Deal and Facebook. Whether the volumes would come on Monthly sale or Daily Deal doesn't matter, but a sale of some kind is what I suggest! I would rather buy individual volumes at about any discount, to buy the set I'd require a rather deep discount. I have only passed on one: Lk, since it's my least favourite NT Biblical book and I have the three Hermeneia volumes by Bovon. What I want is licenses that can eventually, if the need arises, be sold/given away to someone, I have no use for buying these CGT volumes with Academic Pricing.

  2. "unfair?"….hahaha!!!!! the one who owns it gets to decide fair, you silly Arminian

  3. "unfair?"….hahaha!!!!! the one who owns it gets to decide fair, you silly Arminian

  4. Bill Sturm I'm definitely not Arminian. Of course they decide but they also welcome feedback from me. I've been following what goes on a sale, I have had a pretty good grasp about that. Also at the same time hinting there are more sets, such as Moffatt, not all public domain commentaries came in the Classic Commentaries and Studies Collection, but I'm sure You realized that was also a point I was making.
    Anyway, whether sets go on a sale is not the main point in my opinion, I very rarely buy any sets. If I'm able to sherry-pick that's what I'll rather do and I will probably not get more poor doing that even if some set goes on a sale at a later point in time and I "should have waited".
    Another point which I'll just as well mention is that I have pretty good patience.