What’s New in Logos Now 6.5

What’s new in Logos Now
Whether you’re a minister, scholar, student, or an everyday Christian with a passion for God’s Word, you want the latest and best Bible study tools, right now.

That’s why we created Logos Now.

Every six weeks, we roll out new updates, features, datasets, tools, and more to Logos Now subscribers. It’s easy to get started—you can even get your first month free.

Here’s what’s new in Logos Now 6.5.

Names of God Interactive

With the Names of God interactive, you can find every name used to refer to God and where they occur in the Old and New Testaments. We’ve included references to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit so you can quickly identify names referring to every member of the Godhead. Narrow your search to specific genres of biblical literature such as prose, instruction, and Law; languages such as Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic; and more. Then explore each usage in its surrounding context by clicking on the biblical reference.

Names of God Interactive

Concordance Tool (Update)

Now the Concordance Tool provides a list of works cited in a given resource. Click a citation from the hyperlinked list, and Logos will take you to the passage where that resource is referenced. Find out how many times a writer cites a specific work. Discover how an author has influenced the work you’re studying. Access a list of resources to continue your own research. The Works Cited update to the Concordance Tool provides a powerful, interactive index that serves as a gateway to deeper study.

Works Cited Concordance

Greek Grammatical Constructions (Update)

For Logos Now 6.5, we’ve added seven new Greek grammatical constructions to our database: protasis, apodosis, genitive, dative, and accusative absolutes, attraction, and incorporation. With these additions, you can home in on some of the most granular—yet substantial—aspects of Greek New Testament study.

Old Testament Propositional Outlines (Update)

We’ve updated the Old Testament Propositional Outlines visual filter to include Job and Psalms. Reformat the biblical text into a flow outline that labels the purpose of individual lines. This visual filter transforms the biblical text (Hebrew or English) so you can see the flow of a passage with main points and indented sub points. The propositional outline exposes lines that indicate all of the key aspects of the biblical text. You can even hover over any label to see it defined.

Addressees in Reported Speech

The Addressees in Reported Speech dataset lets you quickly locate all the places where a person, place, or thing is spoken to in the biblical texts. Find everywhere Satan speaks to Jesus, or look for all the places Jesus prays to the Father. You can even search for every passage where Jesus speaks to the city of Jerusalem and find where he laments over its coming destruction.

Addressees in Reported Speech

Psalms Explorer Dataset (Update)

The Psalms Explorer dataset makes the Psalms Explorer not just sortable, but searchable. Now you can isolate every lament psalm written by David, then drill down further by isolating psalms including the word “sin.” Search specific words, phrases, cultural concepts, and more within any combination of genres, attributions, structure, and tags curated by Logos scholars.

Psalms Explorer Dataset

Updates to the Logos Web App

Logos Now is all about the future of Bible study. That’s why we’re working hard to make your library and all of our powerful tools and features available in your browser with the Logos web app. As a subscriber to Logos Now, you get access to the Logos web app and are the first to experience the latest updates.

We recently updated the Passage Guide and Bibles to include autocomplete suggestions for the reference input boxes. Plus, the web app now supports tabs, so you can open up multiple resources and rearrange the tabs.

web app updates Logos Now 6.5


Logos Now members are already enjoying powerful features such as the Commandments of the Law interactive, the Media Browser, and Old Testament Propositional Bible Outlines. It’s easy to become a member—you can even get your first month free. Learn more more about Logos Now and step into the future of Bible study.



  1. Greg Rose says:

    My Verbum app has just been updated to 6.5 but I’m not seeing the “Concordance” tool. I’ve looked in the Tools section and don’t see it there. I don’t find any entry in the help file under tools for this feature either. Could you please tell me how to access this feature? Also and example of how to use it would be helpful. It looks like a great feature.

    • Jacob Cerone says:


      Thanks for your comment. May I ask if you are currently a subscriber to Verbum Now? If not, your application will continue to update with new bug fixes and minor improvements to the software, but it will lack the Logos Now content (including the Concordance tool).