The Missing Piece in Your Evangelism


There’s a slew of evangelistic methods out there, but one element is key to their effectiveness: prayer. If prayer is absent from our methodology, we’re missing one of the most essential elements of effective evangelism. But how can we incorporate prayer throughout the evangelistic process? In ED121 Introducing Evangelism, Bobby Conway focuses on the importance of prayer and presents eight ways to pray in order to improve evangelism. Watch this clip to learn how to empower your evangelism through prayer.

As Bobby Conway suggests, we should pray for God to show us who to reach out to and how to reach out. We also need to pray for God to spiritually draw people to Jesus, as God is constantly working through us and the relationships we are building with others.

It is important that we are reaching out to nonbelievers and praying for them to have spiritual sight. As we pray for them we remember that they are separated from God, and so we pray for the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins and of their need for Jesus. Next, we must pray for an open door—pray for new opportunities to meet with nonbelievers, and pray for more opportunities to share the Word of God with others.

As we are sharing the gospel with others, we should pray for biblical wisdom to properly engage with nonbelievers. We have a crucial role in sharing the gospel with individuals who may have never heard it before, and so presenting it in a way that others can understand and engage with is key. Finally, we must pray for empowered words. The words you share with others may lead to their eternal salvation. We must pray for God to be with us as we share the gospel.


To learn more practical ways to enhance your evangelism, get Dr. Conway’s ED121 Introducing Evangelism. Conway explores the biblical foundations of evangelism and offers a five-part approach to evangelism to serve you in your ministry. Get it now!


  1. This message was very refreshing for me as it has helped me make evangelizing more focused and specific.

  2. Excellent simple way to joint together Evangelism and Prayer. Both must never be unconnected.

  3. Excellent post on the priority of prayer!

    Judges 3:9
    > God answers prayer.
    > You may be God's answer.

  4. The most painful reality is that those we love the most are not necessarily those whom we are called to minister.

  5. Great plan of approach to those who are lost. If you don't plan to win the lost, you are planning not to reach the lost!