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The fall semester is quickly approaching. If you’re studying the Hebrew Old Testament or the Greek New Testament you need to have the Lexham Discourse resources in your tool box. And during the back-to-school sale you can get big savings on the Lexham Discourse Hebrew and Greek Bundle.

Innovative resources, superior study

47298The Lexham Discourse Bible was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the incredible functionality of Logos Bible Software. Perform complex discourse analysis of the entire Bible quickly, easily, and accurately in both English and the original biblical languages. These resources are invaluable if you’re studying the communicative intent of the biblical authors.

Here’s what Dr. Steve Runge has to say about the Discourse Hebrew Bible and the High Definition Old Testament:


The same features and benefits contained in the Hebrew Bible resources are also included in the Greek Bible resources. Want to see the Discourse Greek Bible and the High Definition New Testament in action? Here’s a look at how these resources work hand in hand:

Your study of the Scriptures is advanced by leaps and bounds with the Lexham Discourse Hebrew and Greek Bundle. These tools are great for preachers expositing the Word, scholars analyzing the Word, and laypeople understanding the Word. Get them now!

Other Lexham back-to-school resources on sale

To make your study of the Old Testament easier and more robust, the Qumran Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Database is vital. This biblical textual treasure-trove is finally available to everyone in morphologically-tagged searchable database. In addition to morphological searching, which enables scholars to detect and analyze morphological and grammatical differences between the Masoretic Hebrew text and the oldest textual witnesses to the Old Testament, the Logos edition allows quick comparisons of the biblical Qumran material with other manuscript witnesses to the Old Testament.

Spiritual-GrowthYour spiritual life is just as important as your academic life. But faith can be often put on the back burner in the face of a deluge of research papers and exams. The Lexham Press Spiritual Growth Bundle is perfect for anyone wishing to take their Bible studies further and enhance their spiritual walk. With 25 volumes of devotional content intended to help you deepen your faith, you’ll be set for the entire school year!


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