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August’s free book is here!

What is the goal of the Paideia series?

The foreword explains:

The name “Paideia” reflects (1) the instructional aim of the series—giving contemporary students a basic grounding in academic New Testament studies by guiding their engagement with New Testament texts; (2) the fact that the New Testament texts as literary unities are shaped by the educational categories and ideas (rhetorical, narratological, etc.) of their ancient writers and readers; and (3) the pedagogical aims of the texts themselves—their central aim being not simply to impart information but to form the theological convictions and moral habits of their readers.

Thanks for our friends at Baker Academic for partnering with us to offer this great commentary.

Get Acts by Mikeal Parsons

“A storm center” (Unnik 1966). “Shifting sands” (Talbert 1976). “A fruitful field” (Gasque 1988). These are but a few of the epithets used to describe the scholarly interpretation of the Acts of the Apostles in the twentieth century.

Is Acts still applicable for today?  Dr. Mikeal Parsons of Baylor University, author of this month’s free book, certainly believes so. And he is in good company. Get it now. 

Add Ephesians and Colossians for only $1.99!

FBOTM_Aug_Plus_OneEach month, we bring you a free book and an additional book at a deep discount. This month, were offering the Ephesians and Colossians volume as the Plus One. Get a second commentary from the Paideia Commentary series. 

Leading New Testament scholar Charles Talbert distills interpretive insights by approaching each text in its final, canonical form. Other commentators approach biblical books verse-by-verse or word-by-word, but Talbert takes a different approach. By presenting the books in large, literary units rather than isolated segments, Talbert gives you a larger view of the book’s theme, helping you understand, apply, and teach the original author’s message.

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Get both volumes, Acts and Ephesians and Colossians for $1.99!




  1. The bulk of each package contains outdated sources. For Many the copyright has even expired. In some cases the “latest” Logo source material in one’s package is not the contemporary view, being written before new material was discovered as well as new “apparatuses” developed for rigorous inquiry.