Just 4 Days Left on 3 Great Deals!

Just four days left!
Three great opportunities to get more out of Logos are going away in just four days! Take advantage of these deals before they’re gone on August 31!

Get all the capabilities of Logos 6

You’ve seen the power of Logos for yourself, and Logos 6 looks enticing, but you just can’t bring yourself to make the leap. With Feature Crossgrade, you can get all the capabilities of Logos 6 without the expense of adding new books. It’s the perfect choice if you want to experience the power of Logos 6, but are happy with your current library.

With the Feature Crossgrade, you can dig into new Logos 6 features immediately. Explore alternate meanings of original language words, see the structure of Hebrew poetry, dig into the new Factbook, and more.

When you get the Feature Crossgrade, you keep your current resources and documents, and get all Logos 6’s new tools, Interactive Media, Media Collections, and datasets. And you can get 15% off the Feature Crossgrade for just the next four days. We’ll even train you on how to use Logos 6! Get Feature Crossgrade now and join us for an exclusive training webinar on September 8 at 10:00 am (P.T.). You’ll receive a confirmation email with more information within two weeks of your purchase. Get Feature Crossgrade now!

The future of Bible study, right now

Logos NowWhy stop with the features of Logos 6? With Logos Now you can experience the future of Bible study. Your annual subscription gives you exclusive access to the latest Logos features as soon as we complete them. You no longer have to wait for the next major Logos release. Every six weeks, we’ll deliver exciting new tools, datasets, and features—not to mention exclusive discounts, month-long previews of fabulous resources, and more.

When you get the Feature Crossgrade, you can get 10% off your annual subscription to Logos Now. But hurry—you only have four days to take advantage of this offer. Cross the bridge to the future of Bible study with the Feature Crossgrade and Logos Now. Get them both now!

Build a stronger library

What’s the simplest, most affordable way to build a stronger Logos library? A base package. “But,” you may say, “I already own a base package! How can I improve my library?” The answer is still the same: get another base package!

Logos base packages aren’t just a great way to get you started with Logos and unlock the powerful tools and features of Logos 6. They’re a fantastic way to buy books in bulk. Often, books in base packages are discounted up to 90%.

And you’re discount could be even higher with Dynamic Pricing.

With Dynamic Pricing, you never pay for the same book twice. That means that if you already own books included in that second base package you’ve been eyeing, you’ll get a custom price that gives you a discount based on books you already own.

Another advantage of getting a second base package: each one has a unique lineup of resources. So, if you’re looking for a base package with, for instance, a good selection of commentaries, you can just compare base packages that fit your needs and choose accordingly.

For the next four days you can get 15% off plus your custom discount when you purchase another base package. See your custom discount now.


There are just four days left on these deals! Get 15% off Feature Crossgrade and add Logos Now for 10% off. Or, find your next base package and get 15% off plus your custom price. Hurry! You only have until August 31st!