Get 9 Unparalleled Expansion Collections for 1 Remarkable Price

Get 9 Unparalleled Expansion Collections for One Remarkable Price

The Master Expansion Collection encompasses all the Logos Feature Expansions, bringing you the ultimate Bible study experience using the features you love. When you use the Factbook, the Timeline, the Passage Guide, or the Exegetical Guide, you’ll have a library that maximizes the tools in your software.

The Master Expansion Collection fills your base package with the very best resources specifically hand-curated by our product specialists. If you want your base package to really shine, this one’s for you.

Experience the most interconnected digital library available

Master Expansion CollectionEvery single volume has been specially tagged and developed for enhanced functionality in the latest features of Logos 6. When studying a passage, you’ll be able to reference:

  • original-language grammars’ mention of that passage, sorted by area of grammatical study;
  • systematic theologies that discuss that passage, sorted by denomination and theological subdiscipline;
  • sermons and homilies on from the past 1,600 years based on the passage you’re studying;
  • parallel passages across the Bible and the ancient religious corpus;
  • variant texts from ancient manuscripts of your passage;
  • ancient parallels, quotations, and allusions across secular Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish, and ancient Near-Eastern; writings
  • . . . and much, much more!

Watch this video to discover how the Feature Expansion Collections leverage the power of Logos by filling your library with specially tagged resources.

Get the most bang for your buck

This is the ultimate digital Bible-studying experience. You’ll have everything you need to take on the Bible as a linguist, anthropologist, historian, textual critic, exegete, theologian, and preacher.

You may already own a number of products in the Master Expansion Collection, but no worries—with Dynamic Pricing, you’ll never pay for the same book twice. See your custom price!

Talk to one of our Resource Experts today to find out what’s new to you in this expansion collection. Call 888-875-9491 now, or add it to your cart for easy checkout.