Explore the Legacy of the Old Princeton Theologians


Featuring more than 100 years of classic scholarship, the Princeton Theological Review is a huge archive of classic Reformed theology. It provides 82,000 pages, 443 issues, and includes articles from B.B. Warfield, Charles Hodge, Geerhardus Vos, J. Gresham Machen, Abraham Kuyper, Philip Schaff, A.A. Hodge, and dozens of other influential Reformed theologians.

Known as the “Princeton Theologians,” these scholars worked within the Calvinist tradition of Jonathan Edwards and, like Edwards, became the bedrock for the revival of Calvinist thought in modern American and British evangelicalism. Contemporary Reformed theologians such as D.A. Carson, John Piper, Timothy Keller, and G.K. Beale routinely draw from their work for use in the postmodern context, demonstrating the ongoing relevance of the articles collected in the Princeton Theological Review.

The Princeton Theological Review allows you to closely trace the development of nineteenth-century Reformed theology. Discover how the movement’s themes, ideas, and biblical scholarship established Reformed Calvinism as one of the most intellectually rigorous forms of Christianity in the world today.

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