Why Do Some People Buy Multiple Base Packages?

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Recently around the Logos office, I’ve heard a lot of chatter about crossgrading, upgrading, and even buying a second base package. I sat down with Taylor Blomquist, our denominational marketing expert, to explain all that terminology and help me understand why someone would want to invest in an additional Logos base package.

Okay, first things first: why in the world would anyone want more than one base package?

Basically: if you want more tools or resources. In my opinion, additional base packages are the best way to add a load of content to your library. If you were to buy the resources in a base package separately, you’d spend thousands of dollars more than if you buy them together in a base package. Plus, even if you have, for instance, Logos 6 Silver, you don’t have all the features. When you upgrade to Logos 6 Gold, every single feature kicks in. Not to mention more books.

A lot of folks already spent a good chunk of change on their current base packages. What if they feel like they can’t afford to add another one on top of it?

Yeah, that’s why Dynamic Pricing is so great. Basically, you never pay for the same book twice. There’s a lot of overlap in the resources in many of our base packages. So if you were to move from Gold to say, Reformed Gold, you’d get a bunch of new books at a crazy-good discount. The price you see for any base package on our site is the price you pay for that base package, based on what you already own. And if you purchase between now and August 31, you’ll get an additional 15% off. Bottom line: your second base package will probably cost significantly (like, really significantly) less than your original base package.

I could just hear some people say, “Yeah, that’s great, but I don’t want more books. I just want all the features of Logos 6.”

Sure, many of our customers have found Logos so helpful to their study of Scripture that they have massive libraries and don’t want more books. In response, we put together the Feature Crossgrade, which does just what you’re saying. You’ll get all the features, capabilities, datasets, media, and interactives of Logos 6–and that’s it. And because you’re only paying for those new features, you’re saving a ton of money. Plus, you’ll get Dynamic Pricing in addition to a 15% discount.

Still, the upgrade is definitely worth considering. The features in Logos 6 are powered by the books in your library. That’s why having an extensive collection of books is so important. If Logos is your personal research assistant, then having more books is like giving that assistant the information it needs to do its job well. If you were to hire a research assistant with the best credentials, but don’t provide her the books she needs to conduct research, you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors! So, I always recommend more books if you want the most out of Logos. That means upgrading. But Feature Crossgrade is still a great, affordable option if you think your library is extensive enough.

I’ve heard you mention that some people who own a denominational base package add a second base package from another theological tradition. Personally, I’m solidly in a theological camp. Why would I want a base package from another theological tradition?

Yeah, I totally understand that. People usually get a second base package from another tradition for one simple reason: they want more books! Again: base packages are the absolute best way to build out your library. And sometimes, a base package from another tradition has the books you want to expand your library. For instance, maybe you’re a Baptist pastor, but you really want some more books by or about Bonhoeffer. In that case, you might pick up Lutheran Silver. Or Maybe you’re a Reformed scholar who wants the IVP New Testament commentary series. Picking up Pentecostal and Charismatic Silver would help you out there. You’re Dynamic Price would be huge in that case. You’d get an entire library for just a little bit more than buying that commentary set outright.

Personally, I really think it’s important to have strong theological convictions while understanding the viewpoints of other Christians. I think a lot of Christians think this way. They read pretty widely, learn from people from other theological camps, even if they don’t agree with everything they have to say on every subject. Plus, to really understand the trajectory of Christian history you need a firm grasp of diverse theological points of view. Also, there’s often significant overlap between certain traditions. If you’re Reformed, you probably are into Anglican theologians like John Stott, Baptist preachers like Charles Spurgeon and John Piper, and are probably a pretty big fan of Martin Luther, too! Having multiple base packages from different denominations will not only solidify your own theological convictions, but also give you a way to defend them, and relate your own beliefs to other who may view Scripture differently.

Okay, so let’s try to bring this together. You’ve mentioned Feature Crossgrade and upgrading. What’s the difference, and who are they for?

Let’s make this simple. Do you want all the features of Logos 6 but don’t want any new books? Then get the Feature Crossgrade.

Do you want to get those features and expand your library with more theological resources? Then upgrade. It’s actually pretty straightforward.

I know whenever the latest version of any software I use comes out, I’m kind of leery. It always takes me a while to get used to the changes. What would you say to someone who is pretty happy with Logos 5 and the idea of learning all these new features is exhausting?  

Totally understand that. That’s why we’re offering free training. Between now and August 31, if you purchase the Feature Crossgrade or upgrade your Logos base package, you’ll be invited to an exclusive training with Adam Borries, one of our Logos Pros. He’ll spend an entire hour showing you how to use the new features of Logos. And you can always go to logos.com/logos-pro to see more hands-on training videos.

Are there any other ways to beef up my Logos base package?

Sure, attend the free training. Just for joining us you’ll get a $25 coupon code toward our all-new feature expansion collections. These collections are a fantastic way to expand your library, and make your favorite Logos 6 features even better.


Our sales team is full of former and current pastors and seminary students that can help you decide whether the upgrade or Feature Crossgrade is right for you. Give them a call: 888-875-9491.   888-875-9491

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  1. I am a Southern Baptist with a Reformed tradition built in. So, I started with the Standard base package and when Logos came out with denominational packages I got many of those too. For starters the Reformed and Baptist base packages were a must. Then I wanted Anglican and Luther because of my reformed tradition, but I also got Verbum and I got those other base packages solely so I can read and study the other denominations. It makes perfect since for me because my minor in college was in apologetics. Eventually, I will pick up the other base packages from the other denominations just so I can study them because I think I know I do not agree with them. I wanted all the arguments so I can properly defend the faith.

    • Tyler Smith says

      That sounds like a really great approach to me, Matthew. I’m glad you’re able to get so much use out of these base packages!


  2. I picked up the Logos Lutheran Package(s) but picked up Verbum too because I grew up Roman Catholic and now consider myself to be an Evangelical Catholic. One characteristic of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Pastors is that we like to be right…that means getting the facts about other Traditions in the Church Catholic so as to speak the truth in love. That is my goal, also with gentleness and a smile.