The Most Affordable Way to Bridge the Gap to Logos 6

Blog header 630x175 16x9On June 26, 2007, the People’s Republic of China celebrated the opening of a monumental achievement. After meticulous planning and four years of construction, an unprecedented trans-sea bridge that stretched a world-record length of 22 miles was opened.

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is more than historic achievement of engineering. It is practical and strategic. It connects two crucial cities, shortening the travel distance from the Port of Ningbo to Shanghai by 137 miles! Over 10 years, analysts estimate close to 40 billion dollars will be saved thanks to lower transportation costs.

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge connects two strategic locations while saving a colossal amount of money. If you’re a Logos user but haven’t yet crossed over to Logos 6, we have a bridge that can get you there–and save you a load of money, too. It’s called the Feature Crossgrade.

Bridge the Gap to Logos 6

Feature CrossgradeMaybe you’re a Libronix lover dedicated to keeping your Windows 98 PC running. Or maybe you’re happy with Logos 5, but are intrigued by some of the awesome new features in Logos 6. Even if you own Logos 6 Silver, you’re still missing important tools that will help you dig deeper into your Bible study. But there’s great news for you!

The Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade bridges the gap between the current version of your software (be it Logos 1.0 or Logos 6 silver), and the latest features and capabilities of a Logos 6 Gold base package.

The Feature Crossgrade is our answer to comments like “I don’t want all of the books that come in a standard base package, I already have enough,” and “I can’t afford to spend $1,000 each time a new version releases.” We totally get it! You’re happy with your library and you have to stick to a budget. We created Feature Crossgrade with you in mind. It’s got all of the features, datasets, media, interactives, guides, and capabilities of Logos 6 Gold, but we’ve removed the additional books. That means huge savings for you.

Get the Feature Crossgrade to start using all the features and capabilities of Logos 6 Gold. Plus, we’re making it even easier to get into Logos 6—through August 31st save 15% or more on the Feature Crossgrade.

Get free training on Logos 6

With your Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade you’ll get access to a free, live training webinar hosted by a Logos pro. Plus, if you attend you’ll also get a $25 coupon code to expand your library with any of our Feature Expansion Collections.

Cross over to the future of Bible study

Logos_Now_Product_image_170pxAre you tired of waiting for the next, big Logos release? Do you want the latest features, datasets, media, and more right now? Logos Now gives you early access to unreleased features, tools, and datasets that ordinarily wouldn’t be available until the next software release, all for a low-cost monthly or annual subscription

With Logos Now you’ll get the features as we create them so you’ll always be on the forefront of Bible study. Plus, when you combine Logos Now with the Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade, you’ll save an additional 10% off an annual subscription to Logos Now. That means you’ll get your one-month free trial, and then get the equivalent of an additional month free with your subscription.

Bridge the gap to Logos 6 with the Feature Crossgrade, then cross over to the future of Bible study with Logos Now today!


  1. I was unaware of this "Crossgrade" option when I upgraded to Logos 6 and apparently neither was the salesperson I dealt with, By standing my ground I upgraded the software without upgrading the Library anyway. I already had a Portfolio level of library and for the first time in too many years was free of debt for my software and was not willing to go back into debt at that time.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hey, Rodney.

      Sorry to hear our sales person didn’t know about this option! I’m really glad to hear you were able to get Logos 6 without spending extra on your library. We’ve filled our sales department in on everything they need to know about crossgrading, so this shouldn’t happen in the future.

      And congrats on busting that debt!


      • Rodney Moore says

        No real complaint with the sales desk … I celebrate the perfection of my Savior Jesus and also celebrate the line by line progressive growth of His Children … Occasionally my native stubbornness is a good tool and not a tripwire …. LOL …

  2. every time they email to upgrade some more. It appears they are into just sales than figuring out what's best for you.

  3. Neither was I told about crossgrade. I ended up with the debt. Now Faithlife leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time they email to upgrade some more. It appears they are into just sales than figuring out what's best for you.