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With a Logos Now subscription, your Logos 6 base package gets new content and features added every six weeks. But did you know that in addition to new features, Logos Now also gives you access to several additional titles for no extra charge each month?

This month only, Logos Now members get full access to five books from Fortress Press, including titles from N.T. Wright, Walter Brueggemann, and Jürgen Moltmann. If you’ve been meaning to dig into any of these books, subscribe to Logos Now today for only $8.99/month, and get your first month free! Or keep reading to learn more about what you’ll get this month with Logos Now.

Paul and the Faithfulness of God
A mature summation of a lifetime of study, this landmark volume offers an unparalleled wealth of detailed insights into the Apostle Paul’s life and writings, the varied contexts of his first-century setting, and the theological debates in the vast secondary literature on Paul.
The Prophetic Imagination
Walter Brueggemann, one of the world’s foremost scholars on the Old Testament, scans the broad sweep of prophets from Exodus to Jesus and argues that prophetic vision not only embraces the pain of the people, but creates an electric anticipation based on the unfolding plan of God.

Ethics of Hope
Long distinguished as the architect of political theology and father of the theology of hope, Jürgen Moltmann has shown how hope in the future decisively reconfigures the present and shapes our understanding of central Christian convictions. This long-awaited work builds on his conviction that Christian existence and social matters are inextricably tied together in the political sphere, and finds Moltmann examining ethics in light of eschatology.

Fortress Commentary on the Bible (2 vols.)
47636Including contributions from 70 renowned authorities in the historical interpretation of the Old and New Testaments, the Fortress Commentary on the Bible is sensitive to theological and cultural issues, richly diverse in social locations and vantage points, and represents a broad array of theological commitments—Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and others. Most of all, it is alive to the ethical consequences of biblical interpretation today—an ideal resource for preaching, teaching, and research in the modern world.

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  1. Having those commentaries is nice. Do they ever disappear or do you have use of them as long as you ONLY have Logos Now please?

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Every month we unlock books exclusively for Logos Now members, just for that month. These resources are yours to use however you like throughout the month of July, as long as your a Logos Now member.

      Hope that helps, and glad you like the commentaries!