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Factbook Expansion Collection
Out of a deep desire to help you study smarter, find exactly what you need faster, and simply understand the Word better, we created a brand new product that will make your Biblical research even more powerful—a hand-curated anthology from 38 authors, 11 publishers, and a few very smart Logos product specialists.

We’re proud to introduce a product that will help you get the most out of the Factbook: the Factbook Expansion Collection. It fills your Factbook with links to articles and summaries about biblical characters, places, themes, and symbols, from varying perspectives and levels of scholarship.

Get numerous articles on the authorship or common interpretations of any book of the Bible—delivered right into one overview. You’ll also see outlines and articles on background, audience, date of composition, and other relevant facts for each Bible book.

The backbone of your research

Factbook Expansion Collection

Factbook becomes significantly richer when you include the hand-curated resources in the Factbook Expansion Collection. Every volume in this collection is specially tagged to power the Factbook, filling it with the articles, outlines, biographies, and other information you need to form a strong backbone for your research. When you get the Factbook Expansion Collection, you expand your library with top-notch reference works at a great price.

Featuring five commentaries, six Bible dictionaries, and numerous other reference works, this collection is the perfect expansion to any base package. Reference series from Tyndale, Eerdmans, and B&H add academic and pastoral sensibility to the body of research already in your library.

The Factbook Expansion includes popular titles such as:

Get it in a collection and save

By choosing the Factbook Expansion Collection, you are saving a boatload on each resource. For example, by itself, the revised edition of ISBE is $129.95. The Bible Knowledge Commentary is $49.95 and Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible is $40.95. Together, those three essential commentaries total a hefty $220.97. That’s even more than the entire 22-volume Factbook Expansion Collection itself. Plus, with the Factbook expansion you’ll get more than a dozen other key products to power your search.

If you’re looking for essential commentaries to add to your library, do yourself a favor and get the Factbook Expansion Collection. Accessing biblical information will never be easier, plus, you’ll add dozens of crucial titles to your Logos 6 base package.

Don’t forget about Dynamic Pricing

You may already own a number of these products, but no worries—you’ll never pay for the same book twice. For example, if you own Logos 6 Diamond, you’ll get the Factbook Expansion Collection for at least 40% off the regular price!

Study smarter, and better, with the Factbook Expansion Collection.