Free Gifts with Your First Base Package!

Get free prizes when you buy your first base packageScripture is a treasure trove of spiritual insight, fascinating stories, and powerful examples of transformation. And when you take the extra time to really dig into historical background, cultural context, original languages, and solid exegesis, you discover even more of the Bible’s riches. That’s why Logos base packages are so awesome–they provide a slough of digital tools to excavate Scripture.

If you’ve never owned a base package, we think you’re missing out. When you buy a base package you’re getting all those great tools and hundreds of great books for pennies on the dollar. For just a few more days, if you’ve never owned a base package before, get Logos 6 and we’ll throw in up to $800 in free gifts. Don’t miss your chance! Get started on your excavation!

unlock the treasure in scripture with Logos

Here are just a couple ways Logos can help you uncover biblical insight.

Ancient Literature and Cultural Concepts

Search a passage and Logos will rifle through your library and reveal cultural and linguistic connections between the Bible and ancient texts. You can even dig into the cultural concepts of the biblical world such as music, food, death practices, economic structures, marriage rituals, and more.

Everything Search

Use Everything Search to search for a name or a person like “Jesus,” and Logos will generate a report pulling from your entire biblical library in a matter of seconds. Not only will you see every time Jesus is mentioned in the Scriptures, but every time the word “he” or the phrase “son of man” refers to Jesus. Trying to pull a quote from one of your resources for a Bible study group or a sermon, but can’t remember where it is? Just search for the part you remember and Logos tools will help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. These tools, plus many more, are what makes Logos 6 such a valuable asset in uncovering the many treasures waiting for you in Scripture.


You only have a few more days. This deal goes away on July 15. Get your gifts while you still can!


  1. When I bought my base package I dont recall getting any free gifts?!!

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Joshua.

      This offer is for folks who buy a base package between June 16 and July 15, 2015. If you purchased a base package within that time frame, you should receive your free gifts within 2 weeks–45 days of your purchase. Please let us know if you should have already received your gifts and haven’t yet. We’ll take care of ya!

      Let me know if you need anything else.


    • It automatically downloaded in the updates because of your purchase as if you purchased it rather than it being free, I’m pretty sure. Let’s just say my computer is currently struggling to get all of the books indexed there are so many of them :-D

  2. Mike Arnett says

    What? No special deal for purchasing a Diamond base package? I have been enjoying the Diamond package but was bummed that the Free Gifts deal did not also include the Diamond base package which I just purchased.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hey, Mike.

      That *is* a bummer! I passed your information along to someone on our team. She’ll shoot you an email and should be able to take care of you. Sorry you were disappointed!