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unlock the treasure in scripture

Legend has it that in 1816, an American man named Thomas J. Beale, and 30 men he was traveling with, came upon an untapped gold and silver mine while hunting buffalo somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. It took more than a year and a half, but eventually they mined over three tons of gold and silver—estimated to be worth $63 million in today’s money!

But they were concerned. What would happen to their fortune if they were to perish in the wilderness? They wanted to be certain their families would receive their hard-earned wealth if tragedy should strike.

Beale came up with a plan: he would hide the treasure they worked so tirelessly to pull from the earth. And to ensure only the men’s families could find the secret cache, he added an extra layer of security.

He wrote three ciphers.

The first cipher described the exact location of the treasure, the second described the contents of the treasure, and the third was a list of the men’s names and their next of kin. Beale then entrusted Robert Morriss, a Lynchburg, Virginia innkeeper, with the safekeeping of a box containing the three ciphers. Morriss was supposed to wait 10 years before opening it. At this point, if Beale did not return for the box, a key to the cipher was to be mailed to Morriss.

But it never arrived.

For years, Morriss and a friend tried to decode the three ciphers, but they could only manage one—the second cipher describing the contents of the treasure. For decades since, treasure hunters and enthusiasts alike have continued looking for the treasure, to no avail.

Unlock the treasure in Scripture with Logos 6

Many of us love the legends and stories of hidden treasure—the excitement, the mystery, the reward. Studying Scripture can carry the same thrill of discovery and adventure, and Logos 6 is like a key that unlocks the treasure that Scripture holds.

Here are just a couple ways Logos can help you unlock biblical insight.

Ancient Literature and Cultural Concepts

Search a passage and Logos will rifle through your library and reveal cultural and linguistic connections between the Bible and ancient texts. You can even dig into the cultural concepts of the biblical world such as music, food, death practices, economic structures, marriage rituals, and more.

Everything Search

Use Everything Search to search for a name or a person like “Jesus,” and Logos will generate a report pulling from your entire biblical library in a matter of seconds. Not only will you see every time Jesus is mentioned in the Scriptures, but every time the word “he” or the phrase “son of man” refers to Jesus. Trying to pull a quote for a Bible study group or a sermon, but can’t remember where it is? Just search for the part you remember and Logos tools will help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. These tools, plus many more, are what makes Logos 6 such a valuable asset in deciphering the many treasures waiting for you in Scripture.


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  1. I am waiting on the Wesleyan/Methodist base package. When will it be ready?

  2. Michael Hennessey says


    I also would be interested in the Wesleyan/Methodist base package.