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Mobile Ed Studies in Acts Bundle
How did the earliest Christians understand their relationship with the Old Testament? How did Christ’s first followers function as a body, even as opposing factions arose? And how did the early church first spread the good news of Jesus Christ to pagans and Jews alike?

If you want answers to these questions and more, the Studies in Acts Bundle from Mobile Ed is not to be missed.

Examine the early church and the Apostle Paul

With the Studies in Acts Bundle, you’ll not only learn about the book of Acts from today’s foremost scholars, you’ll also learn to read the Apostle Paul in light of both the book of Acts and the entire collection of Paul’s letters.

In NT216 Introductory Issues in Acts, award-winning scholar Dr. Craig Keener begins by laying the groundwork, focusing on the genre and historical elements of Acts. Then Dr. Darrell Bock walks you through the most important episodes in the book of Acts in NT217 Key Events and Speeches in Acts.

In NT231 Paul of Tarsus, Dr. Lynn Cohick offers a comprehensive analysis of the Apostle Paul, drawing from the book of Acts as well as from Paul’s many epistles, in order to present both the life and thought of one of the most influential figures in Christianity.

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