Get June’s Deals Before They’re Gone


June is almost over, and that means discounts on more than 100 products are about to disappear. Get these products today for your best deal.

The monthly sale features many individual volumes, but there are also a number of collections. Add multiple volumes of compelling scholarship to your library at significant discounts. Here are eight of this month’s best collections:

1. Hermeneutics and Interpretation Bundle (3 vols.)46% off
This collection includes Grant Osborne’s bestselling The Hermeneutical Spiral, Stanley E. Porter and Craig A. Evans’ New Testament Interpretation and Methods, and the insightful Biblical Hermeneutics

2. What the Bible Says Series (8 vols.)46% off
These volumes present clear descriptions of biblical teaching on God, the church, grace, worship, and more—with extensive scriptural references.

3. Guides to New Testament Exegesis Collection (7 vols.)35% off
Build your exegetical skills with these helpful guides by Scot McKnight, Thomas R. Schreiner, Gary M. Burge, and others.

4. R.C. Sproul Exposition Collection24% off
Study Luke, Romans, and Ephesians with Sproul’s combination of scholarly analysis and devotional insight.

5. Baker Leadership Collection (9 vols.)—23% off
This collection addresses twenty-first-century challenges facing church leaders, including ethical responsibilities, leadership pitfalls, the importance of mentoring, and more.

6. Peter A. Steveson Commentary Collection (5 vols.)23% off
Conservative scholar and professor Peter A. Steveson presents verse-by-verse commentaries on Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, and Daniel, perfect for preaching, teaching, and personal Bible study.

7. IVP Pauline Studies Collection (15 vols.)18% off

Thomas R. Schreiner, Ben Witherington III, N.T. Wright, Frank Thielman, and others explore Paul’s doctrine of justification, the New Perspective on Paul, the cultural context of Paul’s letters, and more.

8. Wesleyan Theological Perspectives (5 vols.)17% off
Noted theologians present Wesleyan theological views on salvation, biblical interpretation, ethics, ecclesiology, and the Holy Spirit.

The June sale also features many other collections and resources. These deals end June 30, so don’t miss your chance to save!