Digging into Ancient Culture with Logos

logos 6 cultural concepts
Digging is usually a part of any good treasure-hunting story. Some intrepid explorer hunts down a hidden “X,” then plows up the earth with a shovel. The problem is, some treasure is buried deep—really deep—and to dig it out with a shovel could take hours or even days. Wouldn’t it be better if you could use a big piece of equipment, like an excavator, to move the dirt more quickly? The Cultural Concepts tool in Logos 6 is like an excavator for ancient biblical cultures, so that you can understand Scripture in their original context.

We’ve identified more than 1,000 cultural concepts from the world of the Bible—explore concepts like atonement, the image of divinity riding on a cloud, sin offerings, building an altar, and much more. We’ve taken those cultural concepts and connected them to Factbook entries, primary texts from ancient Near-Eastern and Hellenistic cultures, and other Bible-study resources. This amazing tool lets you easily cross-reference scriptural passages with other literature written during the same period, explore customs practiced by biblical people, and much, much more. Because we’ve done the research for you, finding the context for the passage you are studying can now be done in seconds by anyone. Watch how it works.

Lighten your load and dig deeper into the Word than ever before by using the Cultural Concepts feature in Logos 6. For a limited time, if you’ve never owned a Logos base package before, you can get Logos 6, which includes the Cultural Concepts tool, and up to $800 in free gifts. And if you choose Logos 6 Platinum for your first base package, you’ll get the Cultural Concepts Collection completely free! This hand-curated, authoritative collection provides powerful resources that power the Cultural Concepts tool. Don’t miss your chance! Get started on your excavation!


  1. Charles Thibodeaux says

    This software is amazing!!! There are so many things it can do and it is certainly worth it. I love reading the bible and studying in LOGOS. Unfortunately this is a difficult financial time we live in. I’d be thrilled to just have the Bronze or Silver package with timeline feature. But I’m thankful to our Lord because something is better than nothing!

  2. I do not understand why those who purchased a base package already and recently upgraded do not automatically get the goodies too.

    • john wayne says

      Because, Joshua, that is the way that Logos does business. Never forget; Logos is first and foremost a business…