5 Reasons to Pre-Order TDOT While You Still Can

Great deal on TDOTIt’s one of the most important and authoritative works of Old-Testament scholarship, and its coming to Logos. The Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT) is currently on Pre-Pub, and you can get it for 64% off the print price for a limited time.

Here are five reasons to pre-order TDOT while you still can.

It’s comprehensive

There’s a reason it’s 15-volumes. TDOT covers every Hebrew and Aramaic word group in the Old Testament. That means that no matter what word group you focus on in any book of the Old Testament, TDOT can help you uncover its meaning and significance in the context of a particular passage. Even better, TDOT will help you understand it’s usage across other ancient Near-Eastern texts. It provides detailed analysis of how the surrounding context—both biblical and extra-biblical—influenced the meaning of words, paying careful attention to cultural and theological usage throughout various historical periods.

It’s authoritative

The articles in TDOT were written by top scholars from diverse theological traditions all over the world. That scholarship has been a mainstay of seminary research for years—if you’ve ever written a research paper based on any portion of the Hebrew Bible, chances are, you consulted TDOT. Many scholars start their research on a passage with Brown-Driver-Briggs,  go a little deeper with the Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, then, when they’re really ready to dig in, they pull out TDOT.

It complements the TDNT

In the early 2000’s, we wanted to bring the scholarship of the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) to Logos. The only problem? It was a huge project. To fund it, we came up with a crazy idea: what if we let you pre-order TDNT before we started production? Once we had the funds, we’d begin work in earnest. It was our first experiment with what would become our Pre-Pub program, and it was a huge success for one very good reason: you really wanted to use the TDNT in your research. Countless scholars rely on TDNT every day. If you already have TDNT, just think: with TDNT and TDOT in your Logos library, you’ll have authoritative scholarship on every word group in the Bible.

It fully integrates with Logos

Did I mention this thing is 15 volumes? Logos can do some impressive feats, but one of my favorite functions of our software isn’t really a function at all. It’s something it doesn’t do: take up space on my bookshelves. With the Logos edition, you can access all 15 volumes of TDOT in an instant. And of course, you get all the other benefits of a Logos edition. It’s fully searchable. You can click from an English translation to the underlying Hebrew, then to an expanded entry in the TDOT. Plus, TDOT feeds into your Exegetical Guide so you can see relevant entries along with other content curated from across your library.

It’s affordable

Right now, TDOT is 64% off the print price. Even if you got that good a deal on the print edition, you wouldn’t get the powerful functionality you get in Logos. We’re working hard on making this authoritative, comprehensive scholarship available as soon as possible. That means that you only have a limited time to pre-order TDOT at a great discount.

Pre-order TDOT for 64% off the print price now!


  1. Kevin A Lewis says:

    Errr – doesn’t include the Aramaic until the 16th volume.

  2. Its great that its 64% off. Its just suspect when you don't list the initial or final price until check out. $399 will take much prayer. I am not saying it is not worth the price. I just don't know if I would use it that much.

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Hi, David.

      I think it depends on what kind of Bible study you do. If you go in-depth with the original languages, I think most experts would say it’s worth the investment. If you find yourself mainly studying with your English Bible, it might not be a necessary purchase.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.


  3. $399 is a bit expensive, I agree David.

  4. $399 is a bit expensive, I agree David.