197 Reformed Commentaries for 75% Off!

Reformed Commentary BundleHow did you start building your theological library? If you’re like a lot of pastors, scholars, or seminary students, you put it together one piece at a time—book by book. You began a study on a book of the Bible, bought the most respected commentaries (if you could afford them), rolled up your sleeves, and got to work. Then when the next paper or sermon series rolled around, you did the same thing.

That method often leaves huge gaps in your library. Maybe you have five commentaries on Romans, and Galatians, but how’s your Minor-Prophets shelf looking? Remember that study you did on eschatology? You bought 10 commentaries on Revelation and Daniel. But what about the book of Numbers, or Deuteronomy?

What if you could get a massive collection of nearly 200 Reformed commentaries all at once, instantly fill in those gaps, get a head start on your next Bible study or sermons series, and, oh yeah—save THOUSANDS of dollars while your at it?
Pillar New Testament Commentary: John
Even if you aren’t Reformed, this bundle offers a a quick, affordable way to add a ton of solid, evangelical commentaries on every book in the Bible to your library. It has a bunch of volumes from Eerdman’s Pillar New Testament Commentary, and the New International Greek Testament Commentary. It’s got the Mentor Commentary series, the Focus on the Bible Commentary series, and even commentaries form R.C. Sproul. You get the classics, too—Calvin’s Commentaries, and John Owen’s An Expostion of the Epistle to the Hebrews are both included. Plus, chances are, you already have some of these commentaries in your Logos library. Since you’ll only pay for what’s new to you, you’ll likely save more than 75% off.

Check out your personal discount and round out your commentary library today!