Why We Created the Chaplain’s Library

Get 15% off Chaplain's Library from now until Memorial Day.This article is by special guest Jeff Struecker, a  long-time Logos user, Army chaplain, and hero featured in the book and film Black Hawk Down. Read more about his story in part one of our three-part miniseries on Memorial Day, “Remember America’s Heroes.”

“So much ministry—so little time.” This describes chaplains of all walks of life. Chaplaincy can be some of the most time-consuming and exhausting work in Christian ministry. Every chaplain I know feels like they have more ministry than they’re able to keep up with. There’s always another couple to counsel, always another crisis to be involved with, always another study to lead, and always another meeting to attend. This is the main reason why I helped create the Chaplain’s Library from Logos.

Logos has a unique platform

Logos saves you money because they have a unique platform that enables ministers to purchase digital books at a fraction of the print cost.

Logos also saves space. With the Logos digital library, you can take all of your books with you wherever you go. They are with you on your computer, in your office, on your tablet, in the boardroom, or on your smartphone at the local coffee shop. Plus, your books always stay in sync with all of your devices! But, one of the biggest reasons why I love Logos, is because it saves time
. . . and lots of it!

Logos Bible Software saves time

Sermon or Bible study preparation that used to take me hours now takes minutes with the Logos 6 Chaplain’s Library. I can do in-depth word studies or parse verbs in seconds with the click of a mouse.

Chaplains need the best tools and resources

I have been using Logos Bible Software for more than a decade. So when they began creating packages for specific ministers and specific ministries I approached my friends at Logos and challenged them to create a chaplain’s base package. They were gracious to allow me to provide some influence on that first package, but they were also smart enough to rally a team of people who knew more about chaplaincy than I did to create what I believe is the perfect package for chaplains.

The Logos 6 Chaplain’s Library gives chaplains the resources to better counsel, better deliver Bible studies and sermons, better provide family resources, and become better leaders.

Chaplain’s Library fits perfectly with Mobile Ed

As the Chaplain’s Library was beginning to take shape, the company asked me to consider teaching a Mobile Ed course. It was a no-brainer! One question that young men routinely ask me considering ministry is “What is ministry like as a chaplain?” The Logos Mobile Ed: Chaplaincy Bundle was a chance to help answer that question.  It was a vehicle to help me explain what chaplaincy ministry looks like.

The bundle was also an opportunity for me to educate others on the role of chaplain.  Since chaplain’s ministry is highly specialized, I tried to talk about military chaplains, corrections chaplains, healthcare chaplains, corporate chaplains, resort chaplains, and chaplains of sports teams. Every one of these ministries is very different from one another. Most are highly specialized.  So I tried to be as inclusive as possible with this bundle. I tried to tackle the issues that all chaplains deal with in ministry.

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If you are considering chaplaincy, or are in the chaplaincy, minister more effectively with the Chaplain’s Library and the Mobile Ed: Chaplaincy Bundle.

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