See You at National Camp Logos!

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For nearly two decades, Logos users from around the globe have gathered annually at the Faithlife headquarters in Washington state to learn more and do more with their Bible software. This year’s National Camp Logos is on the books for June 24–26, and we want you to join. Both Camps 1 and 2 will be presented during the three days of live, hands-on training. Here’s what makes National Camp worth the journey to Bellingham.

Four benefits of participating in the National Camp:

  1. Present questions to Faithlife leaders. During the lunch break each day we’ll have question and answer sessions with leaders about the past, present, and future of the company and software.
  2. Tour Faithlife headquarters. You’re in for a real treat as you walk through several buildings in downtown Bellingham to see where the software and so many other projects are developed.
  3. Meet Faithlife employees. You’ll have the opportunity to meet many of the people with whom you speak on the phone, exchange emails, or whose blogs you read.
  4. Enjoy fellowship around meals. People who attend Camp are serious about Bible study and Logos. You’ll be encouraged as you meet like-minded people around breakfast and lunch—which are included in your registration fee.

For nearly 20 years I’ve had the privilege of helping students of the Word, like yourself, get more out of Logos. And I can honestly say, the National Camp is always the highlight of the year. I certainly hope you can join us this time!

Faithlife employees are talking about Camp Logos:

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Morris teaches how to use Logos in a way that’s inspirational and enjoyable. As a pastor, I drove hundreds of miles to Camp Logos and it was more than worth the time and expense. —Martin Weber, Logos SDA Product Manager

Camp Logos showed me numerous tips and tricks that allow me to move through the software quickly. Camp Logos has literally saved me hours in personal study time in the year since I attended. —Jonathan J. Watson, Logos Marketing Specialist

I knew Logos was powerful, but it wasn’t until I attended Camp Logos that I realized just how powerful it is! This camp changed the way I use Logos to study God’s Word on a daily basis. Morris Proctor does an amazing job teaching you how get the most out of Logos—you’ll never regret attending Camp Logos! —Naomi Deviny, Marketing Specialist

Attending the National Camp Logos was a great experience. Morris helped me discover the vast potential of Logos Bible Software, while also showing me specific applications of the software. It was also great seeing some of the dedicated Logos users, and hearing them talk about how they use the software. —Derek Fekkes, Product Promotions Coordinator

Camp Logos is a great experience; learning from Morris Proctor was great because it was simple but also taught me so much about the power of Logos. Altogether, attending Camp Logos helped me to save even more time whenever I use Logos. —Katie Monsma, Vyrso Marketer

I’ve attended a Camp Logos every year since 2009, and each time I have learned something new. Morris Proctor’s teaching style is light and accessible. I’ve never regretted a single minute or dollar that I’ve invested to attend his training. —Ray Deck III, Apps Marketer

My favorite part of Camp Logos, was Morris’ personable teaching style. I came away from Camp Logos thoroughly educated on the software, but also encouraged to dig deeper into the tools and resources because of Morris’ passion for teaching us. I remember he said so many times, “Please, don’t hesitate to contact me later when you get home and have questions.” Camp Logos is THE way to get the most out of your software! —Lauren Visser, Conference Marketer

Register for National Camp Logos to reserve your spot today!

If you can’t make it to Bellingham this year—but still want to learn Morris’ top tips and tricks for using your Logos Bible Software to its full potential—find Camp Logos in a city near you.


  1. So excited to finally get to attend this Logos camp! Anyone interested in joining a small group of Precept Ministries International Bible study leaders attending? (Absolutely do not need to be a leader to benefit from this – it is for all students of God's Word) If 4 register we get a 10% discount :) but more than that, we will have time together, and learn more about utilizing the best Bible Study Library software anywhere out there! Cindy Bartel Nancy Anderson :)